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Blue Diamond Cookware Set Review

Blue Diamond Cookware now comes in a full set. They come in a 14 piece set that satisfy any need for a home kitchen. This brand is often seen on television and their appeal is the fact that they have real diamond…or do they? What I notice is that a lot of the As Seen on TV products have a lot of misleading advertisement. This product was touted as surviving a sledgehammer and made with real diamond. If you really think about it, some part of it cant be really true. This review will take a closer look at its overall design and features.

Blue Diamond Cookware Set Review Quick Summary

GreenLife Ceramic Cookware 16 Piece Set
ColorsBlue and Red
Brand AwarenessAmerica
Oven Safe Temperature850 Degree Fahrenheit
Pouring LipYes
ThoughtsA surprisingly good set of cookware. The pans are designed pretty well and its affordable. They just have some questionable marketing practice. Other than that, they are a great choice for a nonstick cookware set.
Reviewed CookwareBlue Diamond CC001951-001 Cookware-Set, 14pc

Diamonds, Sledgehammers and More

Blue Diamond makes some pretty bold claims in regards to their product. One of which is the inclusion of diamonds of their product. While Their coating might contain flakes of “Diamonds” in reality, this doesn’t really help in terms of durability or heat conductivity. The diamonds used are also not of high value, more than likely it is made of quartz crystal. While it is true, diamond is one of the best heat conductor in the world, you will not see any marginal performance gains out of it. The primary construction of the pan should be aluminum. Any heat conductivity that you get is from that, not diamonds.

Marketer of cookware love to associate their products with anything hard or tough in the world. Hence you often seen the word granite, rock, Earth etc… But when you get down to it, the coating doesn’t really last that long.

In their video, they showed a sledgehammer and gave it a good whack. The pan came out virtually undamaged. If you try that at home, I bet you wont get the same results and you would have just lost a perfectly good pan.

Finally the nonstick coating, almost any new pan will cook food without oil when new. The problem is how long it last. Most will last maybe a few use before it deteriorate. The blue diamond cookware is the same. The coating should be made out of ceramic which america test kitchen found to be unreliable. It will work in all other aspect, just don’t expect to cook it without any oil.

Blue Diamond Cookware Set Design

This section will discuss the various design and characteristic of Blue Diamond Cookware Set. We will take a closer look at the handle, construction and general performance of it.


Blue Diamond Cookware uses an all metal handle that stays cool to the touch. On the stovetop, it will inhibit the transfer of heat to the handle. However, on the stove top, expect it to heat up just as much as the pan. For that reason, using a glove is advised. While this might be a little annoying, this lets the pan reach a higher oven safe temperature. The pan has a thermal rating of 850 degree fahrenheight. A little outrageous in my opinion. Most high end cookware cant even reach that temperature. Nevertheless, the metal handle is one of the reason why it can do that.

In terms of ergonomic, it is well designed. It is softly rounded yet flat. This lets you have a comfortable grip while preventing it from slipping. Overall, the handle is pretty well designed.


The shape and overall design of their cookware is good as well. The skillet is a traditional french skillet design. These are perfect for tossing food with your wrist, although it does take some practice. You will find it to be easier than using a spatula. The rolled lip also allows for you to pour liquid with ease.

Their sauce pot is more wide than tall. This design lets you sear more food in single batches. Narrow pot crowd food and causes food to steam. This will extend your cooking time and make flavorless food. The stockpot is also a mix of the two characteristic. Wide enough to sear a good amount of food, but tall enough to increase the capacity.

Saute pan is a traditional design. Wide with tall sidewalls, these are perfect for braising foods. The tall sidewall will help trap in moisture and its perfect for finishing food in the oven. Overall, the design is surprisingly good for their cookware set.

Reinforced Forged Bottom

While I cannot say who their bottom is designed, I have great confidence that its just a steel base. Any nonstick cookware with induction capability uses a steel base so that it can be magnetized. This magnetization makes it induction capable. Metal without any magnetic pull cannot work on induction cookware. The steel base also have a couple of different benefit as well. It increases mass, improving the amount of heat it can hold. This results into better browning of food. If you have a pan that is too light, it will loose heat fast making it steam. The thickness of the base also help smooth out the heat distribution.


Almost all manufacturer of cookware set are guilty of misrepresenting the pieces. They will count the lid and accessories as individual pieces making it seem like you get more. Blue Diamond Cookware does the same thing. Expect the 14 piece to include the lid and utensils. Given that, it is still an incredible value for what you pay. Currently, the Big Value Set offers the best value for your money.

Blue Diamond Cookware Set Thoughts

Blue Diamond Cookware is surprisingly good. The shape and overall design is good. They offer a great value for their cookware and its induction capable. They just have some questionable marketing practice. But if you are looking for a value orientated nonstick cookware set, this is the way to go.

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