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Vintage Toastmaster Toaster

Vintage Toastmaster Toaster are a sought after collector item by toaster aficionado. The brand Toasmaster was originally owned by McGraw Electric. It was founded by 17 year old Max Mcgraw and initially got his start by converting houses from gas to electric. With his Father, they slowly expanded the business […]

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Vintage Sunbeam Mixmaster Review

Vintage Sunbeam Mixmaster Model 1

Vintage Sunbeam Mixmaster, looks like something out of a steampunk comic. Production for the mixmaster started in the 1930’s. The first model was called the m4b. This model was produced by Chicago Flexible Shaft and only had 60 watts of power. During that era, they were the primary competitor against […]

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GreenLife Ceramic Cookware Set Review

GreenLife Ceramic Cookware Set is the newest most healthy cookware out there…or is it. It seems like cookware manufacture like to label their cookware as green, healthy, and tough. This usually plays on the consumer mentality for a more health orientated lifestyle. If you look at most major brand, what […]

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Vremi Cookware Set Review

Vremi Cookware Set is a very affordable non stick cookware set. It seems to have everything you need for the home ktichen. It is jam packed full of utensils not including the pots and pans. With this is mind and considering the price, is it any good? There is very […]

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Utopia Kitchen Cast Iron Cookware Review

Utopia Kitchen Cast Iron Cookware is one of the many new cast iron manufacturer out there. With my research I found absolutely no information about the company. The only presence that this company has is with amazon. This leads me to believe that this is just one of the many […]

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Cuisinart Chef Classic Cookware Set Review

Cuisinart Chef Classic is Cuisinart line of hard anodized cookware. Unlike a traditional teflon pan, a Cuisinart Chef Classic has its non stick coating afixed to it via electroplating. This makes the pan harder and more durable than teflon. Their claim is that this cookware is reinforced with titanium making […]

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Bulbhead Red Copper Cookware Set Review

Bulbhead Red Copper Cookware is another line of Faux Copper cookware. It gives the consumer the impression that you are getting the same performance of Copper Cookware for a fraction of the cost. The infomerical and marketing sure does convince the average consumer of its amazing performance. The nonstick coating […]

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Best High End Cookware

The Best High End Cookware are something else. Not only do they perform well, they have the flair and style to back it up. From the handle to finish, everything was done to perfection. While most people know of Le Creuset, other french manufacturer like Mauviel, Staub and Matfer Bourgeat […]

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