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Vremi Cookware Set Review

Vremi Cookware Set is a very affordable non stick cookware set. It seems to have everything you need for the home ktichen. It is jam packed full of utensils not including the pots and pans. With this is mind and considering the price, is it any good? There is very little know about Vremi, their website claims that they are based in New York. However, looking at their products, they do not seem any different from one of those generic importers.

For those of you who are unaware, there is a group of entrepreneurs that make money via amazon. They import pre made products from China and slap on their label. There might be some changes or addition, but usually its from the same manufacturer. This type of business is known as Fulfillment by Amazon. While not all are as successful as Vremi, they all produce around the same quality of items. Interesting enough, amazon themselves have gotten on this train. Their label for those product is known as Amazon Basics.

Vremi Nonstick Cookware Set Review Quick Summary

Vremi 15 Piece Nonstick Cookware Set
Brand AwarenessAmerica
Oven Safe Temperature300 Degree Fahrenheit
Pouring LipNo
ThoughtsA poorly constructed cookware set. Dont expect it to last. With that being said, it is still usable and its very cheap. I would only get it for starting cooks or for your RV. They are great as throw away pots.
Reviewed CookwareVremi 15 Piece Nonstick Cookware Set

Vremi Cookware Set Design

This section will discuss the various design and construction of Vremi Cookware Set. We will look at the handle, shape and overall performance of the cookware set.


The handle is very cheap plastic construction that is affixed with a screw. These are usually the worse type of handle that you can get. Overtime, the screw will become loose and the plan will flop around. You can tighten it but its still annoying to do. Better made handles will be those that are either riveted or fused onto the pot.

The handle is boxy with sharp edge. its not very comfortable to hold and it seems like there was very little focus on ergonomics. The good thing about palstic handle is that it wont get hot. However, it also limits the max oven safe temperature. For this set, the oven safe temperature is 300 degree Fahrenheit. Overall, the handles are poorly design.


The shape of the cookware is pretty good. The frying pan has low sides which promotes the evaporation of liquid. This also helps you flip food with a spatula. Pans with tall sidewall tend to get in the way. For the pots, they are more wide than tall. This lets you sear food in single batches reducing your cooking time. Pots that are too narrow will crowd food causing it to steam. The utensils are plastic junk and should be tossed. They are easy for the nonstick finish though.

Construction and Durability

The general construction and durability of Vremi Cookware Set is very poor. THe gauge of aluminum is thin and it looks like it will fall apart. I would rate them as the same quality as those you get in the dollar store. If you do buy them, dont expect it to last very long. However, this is also true with any nonstick cookware. Once the nonstick cookware goes for any pan, the pan should be discarded. For this reason, it doesnt really matter if the pan is a poor construction. In general, you should expect nonstick cookware to last around 1-2 years before replacing it.

Prolonging the Life of the Non Stick Coating

There are somethings you should avoid doing when cooking with nonstick. Never use metal utensils. The teflon coating is fragile and can scratch easily. Avoid the nylon scrubber and dishwasher as well.

Another thing you should avoid is overheating the pan. At temperature of 500 degree and above, the coating will degrade rapidly. You can avoid this by tempering the temperature of the pan with oil. Make sure you add it when its cold. If you see smoke, you reached past the optimal cooking temperature. You should lower the heat just a bit.

The lid is also made of glass, dont expect it to be very durable. They can shatter it if you expose it to extreme temperature. An all metal lid would be better. There are vent holes on them to allow steam to escape.

Aluminum Construction

Most cookware these days are made of Aluminum. They are light cheap and has excellent performance. They are one of the best conductors of heat around. What differs among manufacturer is how thick the pan is. The general consensus is that the thicker the better. With a thicker pan, it can store more heat and sear food better. If you have a pan that is too thin, heat will be lost quickly. Soon, you will be steaming your pan. Vremi Cookware Set has a very thin construction. Another issue with thin gauge cookware is that they tend to warp. In amazon user reviews, you can see complaints of it being misshapen. That is just due to physical impact. Another area where it can warp is the base. If you subject it to intense heat, cheaper pans can warp and rock on the tabletop.

With all that being said, Vremi Cookware Set is still usable. Just don’t go in expect to sear a steak. You can still stir fry, cook eggs and boil liquid with ease. Just be aware of its limitation.

Vremi Cookware Set Thoughts

This cookware is cheaply made and shouldn’t last very long. With that being said, its very affordable and its still usable. These type of cookware are throwaway type or product. They are good for beginner cooks and RV. You can place it in place where losing and destroying it is not important. I wouldn’t recommend getting it for someone who is a little more experienced in cooking.

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