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GreenLife Ceramic Cookware Set Review

GreenLife Ceramic Cookware Set is the newest most healthy cookware out there…or is it. It seems like cookware manufacture like to label their cookware as green, healthy, and tough. This usually plays on the consumer mentality for a more health orientated lifestyle. If you look at most major brand, what type try to sell consumer is a life style, rather than the product itself.

Coke for example, has a ton of fit party going drinkers. As a consumer, we will subliminally believe that we belong in that same category. Nike has a bunch of athletes jumping and running around. When in reality the majority of the consumers are not even exercising. For this reason, a lot of marketing done by major corporation should not be trusted. This review will take a closer look at GreenLife ceramic cookware set. We will see how well the pan is designed, the performance and whether its actually healthy.

GreenLife Ceramic Cookware Set Review Quick Summary

GreenLife Ceramic Cookware 16 Piece Set
ColorsRange of Colors
Brand AwarenessAmerica
Oven Safe Temperature350 Degree Fahrenheit
Pouring LipNo
ThoughtsA cheap alternative to Teflon. However, the general construction of it is very poor. Don’t expect it to last more than one year. They are good for a throwaway set of cookware though. Which is generally true for most nonstick cookware.
Reviewed CookwareGreenLife CC002378-001 Soft Grip 16 Piece Ceramic Non-Stick Cookware Set

GreenLife Ceramic Cookware Se Design

This section will discuss the various aspect of GreenLife Ceramic cookware. We will look at its overall construction and design.


The handles are made of either silicone or plastic. It is attached via a screw. These type of design are generally horrible. With use, they will become loose and cause the pan to wiggle. Some manufacturer will go even further and make the screw tamper proof. This way you cant tighten it.

The good thing about these plastic handle is that it wont get hot overtime. But it also make the pan have a lower oven safe temperature. In this particular set, they have a max temperature of 350 degree Fahrenheit, not exactly high.

In terms of comfort it is ok. It tapers outward instead of inward. This makes for a awkward grip. A better design is to taper it inwards. Overall, the handles are pretty poor.

Shape and Pieces

Their GreenLife Ceramic skillet looks like those of a French Skillet. It has high sidewalls that lets you flip food with your wrist. However, these tall sidewall makes it difficult to flip food with a spatula. If you are not experienced with tossing food, you might have some difficulty. The pots are pretty good, they are more wide than tall. This lets you sear food in single batch, reducing cooking time. Their smaller sauce pot resembles that of a windsor pan. Although I think they just made it like that just so it can hold more liquid. You also get a saute pan and a dutch oven. They are both on the smaller side. It is more suited for a party of two.
Overall, you get a pretty extensive cookware set with anything you would need in a home kitchen.

Aluminum Construction and Heat Distribution

While the pan is coated in Ceramic, the base construction is actually aluminum. Manufacturer love this metal because its cheap, light and conducts heat really well. What will differ is the gauge of the aluminum. Usually for higher end pan, they will use a thicker gauge of 3-4mm plus. This improves the durability, heat distribution and increases the amount of heat it can hold. They did not do that for GreenLife Ceramic Cookware. While it is on the thinner side, they are more suited for light stir frys and general cooking.

GreenLife Ceramic Cookware and Health

One of the reason why ceramic cookware is so popular these day is because its an alternative to Teflon. There is a lot of fear and misinformation in regards to Teflon. Most think that it will cause cancer. If you ingest the flaked off peel, it will mean the death of you. The reality is that Teflon is chemically inert. Ingesting it will not really cause you any harm.

Toxic Fumes?

There is an issue with Teflon though. If you over heat the coating to 572 degree Fahrenheit, it will release toxic fumes that cause you to experience flu like symptoms. This phenomenon is known as Teflon Flu. Birds are known to die from these fumes but it is unlikely for humans to suffer to same fate. Ceramic cookware itself does not have the same issue, which is why they are often advertised as PTFE and Fumes free. For that reason they advertise it as “healthier”.

Oil, Fat and Health

In America, people are afraid of fat and oil. Marketer and advertiser know this. To prey on the fear of the consumer, they will label their products as fat free. This applies to cookware as well. A lot of Teflon and Ceramic cookware manufacturer will advertise their cookware as more healthy! Because nothing sticks, you can use less fat. While it is true, you will consume less calories, fat is what makes food taste great. Not only that, fat will keep you full longer. In the long run, you will actually consume less calories thanks to fat.

It wasn’t always like this. During the 1960’s the sugar corporation hired scientist to publish an article about the dangers of fat. It was a huge success, to offset the lack of fat, they compensated by adding sugar. If you buy any sort of prepackaged food, it is very difficult to avoid. Now, we have a diabetes epidemic thanks to this. To get more information about this, I recommend reading the article by NPR.

Issues with Ceramic Coating

While ceramic cookware sounds like a good alternative. In terms of durability and performance, they simple fail in comparison with Teflon. Testing done by America Test Kitchen have frequently found that they simply last the durability of teflon. They will often loose its nonstick ability after only a couple of use. They are also more prone to flaking than teflon is. For that reason, they are not that great if you intend on holding the cookware for a while. You can see their video below for a better understanding.

GreenLife Ceramic Cookware Set Thoughts

Overall, Greenlife Ceramic cookware is a mediocre. The ceramic will not last very long, the handles are bad and its poorly made. However, the price is also very low. They are designed more as a throwaway cookware set. Most consumer will replace this set in one or two years. If you plan on replacing your cookware set frequently, then this is perfect for you. It’s not too expensive.

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