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Best Otoshibuta the Japanese Drop Lid

A Otoshibuta or a Drop Lid is a makeshift lid often used in Japanese Stews. These lids provide even cooking, reduce the rate of evaporation and keep food in tact. Traditional Otoshibuta uses wood that goes right on top of the stew. However, modern variation might include metal, parchment paper […]

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Best Udon and Soba Kiri Knife aka Menkiri

Udon and Soboa Kiri or Menkiri are specialized Japanese knife designed to cut noodles. Its distinct shape lets you cut straight down making even and uniform noodles. The top broad section of the knife can also be used to lift and maneuver noodles. These knives are usually use in conjunction […]

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Best Chiffon Cake Pan

Chiffon Cake are a lighter and more airy alternative to the traditional sponge cake. They use plain vegetable oil than traditional butter. However, because of this, making Chiffon Cakes are a little different. While you can use a regular cake pan, results are usually not as good. Chiffon Cake Pan […]

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Best Japanese Water Boiler

Water boiler/kettle are simple devices, plug it in and it boils water. However, Japanese water boiler are a little different. They are water dispenser with heating elements built right in. Most are programmable with preset temperature. While uncommon in the states, you can find them in most asian household. They […]

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Best Tortilla Warmer

If Taco Tuesday is coming up, then you need tortilla. However, if you want good tacos, you need to serve the tortilla warm. While the traditional option is to use a pan, a easier way is to use a tortilla warmer. They are small, compact and affordable. Some people even […]

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Best High End Toaster

Some of us just really love our toast. You press a button and out comes a perfectly golden toast. However, the lower end of the toaster market produce some pretty poor toast. They are plagued with heating issues and some of them just plain burn your toast. Thankfully, manufacturer have […]

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Best Tagine Pot

One of Morocco most popular cookware is the Tagine. Its popularized by its unique top funnel with its round base. Unlike most frying pan, the goal of a Tagine is to trap in moisture and flavor. Traditional Tagine Pot are made of fire safe clay. However, modern variation will include […]

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Best Potato for French Fries

America loves French Fry. On average, we eat about 30 lbs of it per year. What better way to enjoy it than to make it on your own. We can control the salt and crispness. If done right, the flavor can be even better than your favorite fast food restaurant. […]

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