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Best High End Toaster

Some of us just really love our toast. You press a button and out comes a perfectly golden toast. However, the lower end of the toaster market produce some pretty poor toast. They are plagued with heating issues and some of them just plain burn your toast. Thankfully, manufacturer have toaster aficionado in mind. They use modern technology with premium component to make some of the Best High End Toaster on the market. Subsequently, they are also some of the most expensive toaster on the market.

Why Buy High End Toaster?

The Most Expensive toaster are reserved for those who work in the restaurant industry. They are designed to work all day without failing. Usually the power requirement are higher than what we have in our home. If you want to use them, you need to hire a electrician to modify your home outlet.

Some of the features of these commercial toaster include a conveyor belt like design. It churns out toast much like the burger patty you see in mcdonald. Instead of temperature setting, they advertise features as toast per hour. Showing how durable and effective it is. Typically, these toaster will cost thousands of dollars. Not really cost effective for the home consumer.

Most High End Toaster for the consumer just uses premium material. They usually have a higher temperature output and generally last longer. Manufacturer location are usually in high tier country like Japan, USA and Europe. In terms of performance, they can brown the toast a little better, but most arent that much better…except for one.

While most of the other toaster focuses on build quality, Mitsubishi Electric Bread Oven focuses on actual toasting. Their toaster is designed to seal in moisture while delivering the most even toast possible. Its design and function is very different from your standard toaster.

What to Look for in a Toaster

If you are truly seeking good toast, then the most important thing is performance. How well the toaster toast the toast and how it taste. You want a toaster that is powerful enough to toast the exterior while keeping the interior moist. Most modern toaster uses weak heating element and they cant toast fast enough. The end result is that all the moisture is driven out and becomes dry.

Other features are mostly convenience based features that arent truly necessary for great toast. But if its important to you, look for the number of slots available and sizes. The last thing you want is a toaster that wont fit your bread. Pre programmable feature are also quite prevalent in these high end toaster. In my experience, all you really need is the dial. While these features are not that important to me, to most people they are.

Best High End Toaster List

Below you will find a list of some of the Best High End Toaster on the Market. They have them in a few different configuration and some are quite quirky. Make sure it suits your need.

Mitsubishi Electric bread oven TO-ST1-T (Best Overall)

This Mitsubishi Toaster is truly in a class in its own. Unlike other toaster, this model uses a silicone seal to trap the moisture in. Its designed to only let out specific amount of steam so that the toast can remain moist. The heating element used is designed to spread out heat evenly and as a result, your toast will be uniformly golden. The only bad thing about this design is that it only toast one slice at a time. But hey, this is for those who truly wants good toast.

Dolce and Gabbana x Smeg 2 Slice Toaster, “Sicily Is My Love,” (Best Luxury Toaster)

Luxury and Toaster, two words that normally dont go together. However, thans to SMEG collaboration with Dolce and Gabbana, you know have a luxury toaster. It has one of the most beautiful artwork ever on a toaster. In terms of toasting, it does a decent job, but nothing really special. But it looks pretty and goes great in any kitchen. I dont think its worth it, but some people will buy it.

Dualit NewGen Polished Chrome 4 Slot Toaster (Best UK Model)

Made in UK with a stainless steel body. The Dualit 4 slice toaster is the All Clad of toaster. It has easy and simple to use dial for quick and fast toasting. No pesky preset feature just a simple lever. The body itself looks like a piece of functional art and the whole thing screams quality. In terms of toasting, it does a pretty decent job. What I like most about this is that the heating element can be replaced, just in case it breaks. You can also select how much toast it toast, if you want one slice, you can just select one slice.

Wolf Gourmet 4-Slice Extra-Wide Slot Toaster with Shade Selector (Most Convenient Model),

Wolf Gourmet is a Commercial like toaster. The wide slots lets you toast a wide range of bread from bagel to artisinal bread. You have pre set function like defrost or different shade. This make toasting easier and convenient for most people. The construction is also pretty well built, it should last a long longer than the cheaper models.

Best High End Toaster Thoughts

My Best High End Toaster produce perfectly golden toast. In this category, you cant beat mitsubishi toaster. While it may only toast one slice, the taste more than makes up for it. For style and luxury, you can go with smeg, but in my opinion, the toast isnt that great. For a blend of convenience and performance, models like Wolf and Dualit are good choice. They have more slots and slightly wider spacing.

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