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Best Tortilla Warmer

If Taco Tuesday is coming up, then you need tortilla. However, if you want good tacos, you need to serve the tortilla warm. While the traditional option is to use a pan, a easier way is to use a tortilla warmer. They are small, compact and affordable. Some people even make their own tortilla warmer. But for those of use who cannot sew, buying a pre made tortilla warmer is a good alternative. The Best Tortilla warmer should be microwave compatible and keep tortilla warm through dinner.

How to use a Tortilla Warmer

Using a Tortilla Warmer is pretty easy, just put the tortilla into the sleeve and pop it in the microwave. The exact time will depend on how much tortilla you put. Since microwave work by targeting moisture, it works fairly quick. I wouldn’t set it past a minute. Usually 30 seconds will work for a stack of 5.

For the plastic model, you wet a paper towel and place tortilla on top of it. Remove the cover and microwave. Do not microwave the cover since most arent microwave compatible.

If you are using a pan, then just heat it under low heat. Dont use high heat, you will just burn it without actually warming the tortilla all the way. I recommend doing it one tortilla at a time, other wise the tortilla between them will steam. I like to add some lard or fat to add extra flavor.


If your cloth tortilla warmer is wet, be careful when you remove it from the microwave. A lot of steam will come out and it can easily burn you. If anything, wear a glove to be on the safe side. Or you can just wait till it cools.

How do they Work?

Tortilla warmer acts like a blanket. It insulates the hot air and keeps the tortilla warm. However, it also needs to let out certain amount of steam. If not, the tortilla will get very soggy. Cloth models should either use vent holes or at least somewhat breathable cloth.

Cleaning and Care

Cleaning is a bit of a challenge. You can stick it in the washing machine to wash it. However, I recommend rinsing it with dish soap and water. When you go to dry it, make sure that the flaps are open so that it can air out properly. The last thing you want is for mold to form on it.

Plastic Container vs Cloth

Both can keep tortilla warm, but in terms of performance, the Cloth is better. The plastic container does work but it has no insulation. So it cools down fairly quickly. What it does is that it acts as a container… The upside is that its easier to clean then the cloth. Plus you can stack stuff on top of it.

Best Tortilla Warmer List

Below you will find a list of some of the Best Tortilla Warmer. Since there are a few different models, choose one that best suits your need.

IMUSA USA MEXI-10007 Sunburst Cloth Tortilla Warmer 12-Inch (Best Overall)

This tortilla warmer is colorful and effective. It uses a cloth like design to heat up the tortilla without making it overly soggy. The 12 inch diameter lets you fit a wide range of tortilla including those for burritos. Best of all, you can use it for more than tortilla, I wouldnt hesitate to use this on pita bread, flat bread and more. On average, it will keep tortilla warm for up to an hour.

Nordic Ware Microwave Tortilla Warmer, 10-Inch (Best Plastic Model)

Nordic Ware makes a excellent plastic tortilla warmer. Unlike the other brands, this one is actually made in the USA. To use it, just wet a paper towel and place tortilla on top of it. Pop it into the microwave and its good to go. The only thing I dont like about it is the 10 inch size. It wont fit bigger tortilla like the plastic model. As stated before, these model wont keep your tortilla as warm as the cloth model. Expect it to last for a few minutes.

Pampered Chef Tortilla Warmer (Best Cloth Alternative)

Pampered Chef Tortilla Warmer is a good alternative to IMUSA. Its slightly smaller at 11 inch but does the job just as well. Like the other model, its thermally insulated so that it will keep it warm. This model is black so it wont look dirty like the other colorful model. They all work relatively well so get it if you just want something different.

MINERAL B Round Carbon Steel Crepe/Tortilla Pan (Best Pan Model)

If you are like me and want to warm tortilla the traditional way, get the pan. You can add lard or oil to give the tortilla some extra flavor. Plus, using the pan will give the tortilla some extra color for flavor. This is my preferred method if I have time. Plus, you can also make crepe and small breakfast item.


There are many tortilla warmer on the market, from cloth to pan, choose one that best suits you. I personally prefer the pan method but you cant beat the convenience of the other model. The cloth model are best if you want to heat it up fast and keep it warm. However, its a little difficult to clean. The container are great if you need to heat a stack of tortilla. They are generally easier to clean but are poor at keep food hot. The pan takes the longest but offer the most flavor. Choose a model that best suits you.

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