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Best Japanese Water Boiler

Water boiler/kettle are simple devices, plug it in and it boils water. However, Japanese water boiler are a little different. They are water dispenser with heating elements built right in. Most are programmable with preset temperature. While uncommon in the states, you can find them in most asian household. They are great for quickly brewing tea and coffee. The Best Japanese water boiler will let you select the temperature and keep water hot. While they might all look the same, they differ very much in terms of performance.

How to Use Japanese Water Boiler

The Specific instruction on how to use a Japanese Water Boiler will vary. The good thing is that they are all pretty simple, just add water and select your temperature. Wait a few minutes and the water will heat up. Most models will stop heating the water once it reach the set temperature. Then, the water will start cooling down.

Some models will keep on heating the water to retain a steady temperature. However, that requires a lot of power usage. Models that uses a thermal insulation are better. Instead of just using electricity, it utilize a vacuum barrier to prevent heat from escaping. These models are a little more expensive initially but you save money in the long run.

To dispense liquid, you have to press the unlock button then dispense. Its a safety feature to prevent scalding yourself.

A lot of these Japanese Water Boiler will have a timer. This is great feature to save electricity. For example, if you need hot water in the morning, just set it for 8 hour and it will boil the water before you wake up.

Cleaning and Care

With usage, white mineral deposit will start to form. Those are usually residue from harsh water from your tap. To clean it, you can use citric cleaner and have it run through the system. White vinegar will work as well. I dont recommend using a soap and sponge. They dont do a very good job at removing mineral deposit. Besides, you will just damage the teflon coating.

Gasket can leak and get damage overtime. in that case, its recommended that you replace it.


Most people just use it for tea and coffee. However, you can also make quite a bit of food from it. Instant Noodles, Oats, thawing meats and even creating soup. While this may seem minor, once you start to use it, you will realize just how important it is. Its better than always waiting and boiling water.

Best Japanese Water Boiler List

Below you will find a list of some of the Best Japanese Water Boiler. There are a few different model, choose one that best suits you.

Zojirushi Water Boiler Hybrid Model 586362-CV-DCC50XT (Best Overall)

Zojirushi Water Boiler with Hybird Thermal Inuslation is the model I keep at home. Because of the thermal insulation, it uses less energy than your standard water boiler. You can choose from a 4 or 5 liter model but I recommend getting the larger capacity one. The choice of temperature is (160 Degree F, 175 Degree F, 195 Degree F, 208 Degree F). Unlike other water boiler, it will keep the temperature steady until stated otherwise. Best of all, this model is made in Japan.

Tiger PDU-A40U-K Electric Water Boiler and Warmer

Instead of tall, this model is wide. It has most of the same feature of Zojirushi such as 4 temperature setting, energy saving and timer. The base swivel and it has a magnetic power plug. Like Zojirushi, this model is made in Japan. I just wish it had the same insulation technology that Zojirushi has.

Panasonic RA41660 Electric Thermo Pot Water Boiler Dispenser NC-EG3000 (Best Buy)

This model is a bit more affordable than the other brand. What sets it apart is the Binchotan coating. That coating adjust the PH level and lets you extract more flavor from your selected tea. It has the features of the more expensive one as well. 4 different temperature setting and slow dispense. However, the timer is limited to 6 hour and it only carries 3 liter. Good for a smaller family though.


Japanese Water Boilers are different from your standard water kettle. These are designed for instant hot water at the perfect temperature. While it may seem mundane, you will be surprised at how often you use it. I personally find that in the long run, the Zojirushi Hybrid model will save you the most money. But other models can be half of what they ask. Their features and functionality are also quite comparable as well.

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