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Best Deep Fry Pan aka Chip Pan

A Deep Fry Pan otherwise known as a Chip Pan, is a pan used specifically to deep fry food. These deep fry pans perform much better than modern electronic version. They can reach higher temperature and maintain it better. Its also much easier to adjust the temperature. As a result, your french fries or fried chicken will have a much better texture. The Best Deep Fry Pan uses heavy cast iron construction. However, modern stainless steel pot is a good alternative.

What is a Deep Fry Pan

A Deep Fry Pan is a pan used specifically for deep frying food. Its taller than your typical frying pan to store oil. And it usually comes with a matching basket. While not as common as the states, its commonly used in the U.K. Traditional Deep Fry Pan uses cast iron because of its ability to retain heat. Flimsier model will cause the oil to drop in temperature, as a result making food overly greasy.

How to Use a Deep Fry Pan

To use a Deep Fry pan, add oil to the pan. I typically put in half the volume of the pan. This allows for the oil to rise when you add food. On the side, I will use a thermometer to monitor the temperature. Having Oil that is too hot or cold will be detrimental to frying. Besides, you need to temper the oil when you do the second fry.

Once the Oil is hot enough, slowly lower the food into the deep fryer. Follow the specific recipe for the fry. Some require longer or shorter cooking time.


Temperature is important when deep frying. You need to get the oil hot enough so that the food exterior will fry. As food fry, little bubbles is created on the surface and oil will take its place. This creates the crispy crunch that we all love. On the other hand, you should also monitor the temperature so that it wont cause a fire hazard.

Deep Fry Pan Fire Hazard

In the UK where a Chip Pan is more prevalent, its one of the most common cause of home fire. This is usually due to overheating the oil. As you drop food in, moisture from the food drop to the bottom. As you heat it, the water expand causing steam. The steam will rise expanding oil and causing it to reach the air. As a result, ignition is very common and a grease ball of fire can occur. This can be avoided by using a thermometer to prevent the overheating of oil.

I recommend having a tight covering lid handy. If need be, you can smother the flame by slowly covering the pan. Do not add oil as it will just make the oil splatter spreading the flame.

Another good solution is to use a electric deep fryer. These deep fryer will have sensor that prevents the overheating of oil However, unless you get a commercial model, most are pretty poor performer.

Oil Disposal

Perhaps one of the worse thing about deep frying is the clean up. Excess oil is abound and disposing them is a chore. While you might be tempted to pour it down a drain, dont. Eventually the oil will turn into sludge and it will ruin your pipe. Trust me, a plumber is not cheap. What I recommend you do is to let the oil cool and store it in a tight fitting plastic container. Old Soda bottles should work. Seal it up and dispose it in your bin.

Best Deep Fry Pan List aka Chip Pan

Below, you will find a list of some of the Best Deep Fry Pan. There are a few different models available, choose one that best suits you.

Lodge Cast Iron Deep Skillet, Pre-Seasoned (Best Overall)

For Deep Frying, nothing beats cast iron. Lodge deep skillet is perfect for frying and cooking food. Its depth is just tall enough so that you can deep fry small batches of food. However, for bigger amount, I recommend getting the dutch oven.

The main advantage that cast iron have over other metal is heat retention. This means when you drop frozen food, it will retain its temperature better. You dont have to worry about a deep drop in tempreature causing greasy food. The downside is that you cant adjust the temperature quickly.

I recommend you buy a separate Deep Fry Basket for easy straining. This model is made by Lodge so it should fit perfectly.

Oster Sangerfield Stainless Steel Cookware (Best Compact Model)

This model by oster is more compact and fits 4 qt of oil. This means its enough for a family of 2 or 3 without expanding your foot pring. Unlike lodge, this comes equipped with the strainer basket making it more convenient. At the base, there is an extra thick disc to help it maintain its heat throughout cooking. The glass lid also lets you peer in.

Gotham Steel – 6 Quart XL Nonstick Copper Deep Square (Best Nonstick Model)

What might surprise most people is how annoying grease stains are. The good thing is that nonstick pans make it easy to clean. While Aluminum does not hold heat as well as cast iron, it does heat up quicker. Gotham 6 quart model is perfect if you are looking for a nonstick alternative. You even get a basket specifically for deep frying. The two loop handle also makes it easy for transporting.

Chard FBA12, Aluminum Stock Pot with Strainer Basket, 10.5 Quart (Best Large Deep Fryer)

Have a large party coming? Then this 10 quart model is just for you. While the gauge of metal is thin, its just fine for its purpose. Chard Aluminum Pot also comes with a easy to use strainer for food. Because of its size, I recommend you get a out door burner. Those are the only thing powerful enough to heat that much oil.

Best Deep Fry Pan Thoughts

A Deep Fry Pan or a Chip Pan is the best way to deep fry food. While there are a lot of options available, the traditional cast iron model are the best. It can hold on to heat well and its the most durable. However, smaller options like the stainless steel model make for a great affordable alternative. If clean up is a pain, then a nonstick option is a good choice. Ultimately, the best Chip Pan for you depends on your need.

Looking for more pans? Check out our article on the Best Frying Pan for Eggs.

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