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Best Bacon Frying Pan

Nothing ties a breakfast together like a nice strip of bacon. However, cook it wrong and it will become soggy or even burnt. Using the right pan can help with this. Aluminum and copper pan are some of the best heat conductor. However, this can often lead to bacon overcooking. Traditional Cast Iron Pan are slow heating and can actually be better than those alternative. The Best Bacon Frying Pan should be able to contain the grease and fry it to perfection.

How to Fry Bacon

Contrary to popular belief, frying bacon slowly is the preferred method. Most people put bacon in the pan after it gets hot, but you should actually do it at the start. By heating the pan with the bacon, you are rendering the excess fat. Once it gets up to temperature, the bacon should be mostly done. You also dont need to add oil when frying bacon. There is more than enough grease in it.

If you find that bacon curl up or just cook unevenly, try placing a cast iron weight on the pan. This will maximize contact of the bacon to the pan.

Another alternative to frying bacon is to use water. Soaking the bacon in water and then driving off the moisture ensures a evenly cooked bacon. You then finish it off by crisping up the exterior.

Cast Iron Best for Bacon?

Traditional Cast Iron are my preferred choice for frying bacon. The slow heating cast iron will render the bacon once it reach full temperature. The porous nature of cast iron also ensure that it can take in the oil and improve the seasoning. After you are done cooking bacon, you can fry eggs and bacon in the same pan. However, I recommend you try and remove the brown bits and excess grease. Scraping it with a spatula works or you can scrub it off with a sponge. This will give you the best result.

Aluminum past conducts heat fast and gives bacon a nice crust. However, the excess fat will remain on the bacon. In this situation, using the method with water might be a better choice. The same applies for copper pan as well.

On a side note, I find that sunny side up works best if you plan on cooking bacon on the side. The brown bits just gets in the way when you try and scramble it. The color also gets all muddle.

Best Bacon Frying Pan List

Below, you will find a list of some of the Best Bacon Frying Pan on the market. I have listed a few based on different categories.

Lodge Pro-Logic 12 Inch Square Cast Iron Griddle (Best Overall)

This large Square Pan from Lodge is perfect for frying bacon. You can line it up vertically and horizontally. Its also easier to space out area for your eggs. The slight lip also means that it will contain all the grease. Compare to the other skillets, you get much more room to fry other food as well. At the end, there is a carrying handle to help you transport food. Overall, this is the closest thing to a griddle that you can get. I wouldn’t choose any other pan for frying bacon. Plus the fat from the bacon will open help season the cast iron.

OXO Good Grips Non-Stick Pro Dishwasher safe 11″ (Best Nonstick Bacon Frying Pan)

While cast iron is nice, they are heavy and they smoke a lot. A lighter weight nonstick pan might be better. They’re easier to clean and they’re a lot lighter. Great for those with arthritis or other issues. This model uses three layer of nonstick so that its more durable than your traditional nonstick pan. The rolled edge also means you can drain the grease easily.

Matfer Bourgeat Black Carbon Steel Fry Pan (Best Balanced Skillet)

For the performance of cast iron at half the weight, consider carbon steel. It takes on the seasoning just like cast iron and it will develop a nonstick. This model by Matfer Bourgeat is one of the best carbon steel skillet on the market. The generous 12 inch skillet lets you fry many bacon at once. You can even cook eggs on the side. This model also features a rivetless design for those who just hates rivets. Best of all, this model is made in France at a affordable price.

Best Bacon Frying Pan Thoughts

Bacon is an essential for breakfast. Using the wrong pan can ruin it. My favorite pan is a heavy cast iron pan. The 12 inch model gives you lots of room to fry bacon and eggs at the same time. Because of its shape, its more uniform when you cook bacon in a row. However, these pans can be heavy and cumbersome. In that case, a carbon steel one is at half the weight with the same performance. If you want something that is easy to clean and light, then a square nonstick griddle might be better.

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