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Best Dolsot Pot and Bowl

One of the Iconic Dish of Korea is Bibimbap. Its a mixture of several different vegetables and meat in a pipping hot bowl. However, what most people dont realize that a important part of the dish is the bowl. The Dolsot Pot is the vessel that makes the rice crispy and give it that iconic sizzle. Its very similar to how fajita and steak is served on a cast iron griddle. The Best Dolsot Pot uses traditional Stone and Ceramic material.

What is a Dolsot Pot?

A Dolsot Pot is a bowl made of either granite or ceramic. Its commonly used in traditional Korean Cooking. These bowls are heated directly over open fire to serve soup and cook rice. One of the most famous dish is known as Bibimbap. As the rice gets heated, the bottom of the rice gets crispy. Each guest will have their own bowl made to order. At the base, there is usually a wooden trivet so that you wont accidentally burn yourself.

How to Heat and use a Dolsot Pot

For dishes like Bibimbap, you cook the ingredients seprately. When you are ready, coat the base of the Doslot pot with oil. I prefer sesame oil for the flavor and aroma. Line the bowl with rice and then add the other topping. Once done, heat it over a open flame. When you hear the crackling of the rice, remove from the burner and place on the wooden trivet. Serve immediately for best result. Be sure to put it in a wooden trivet. Placing a hot Ceramic Bowl over a cold surface can crack it. This is due to a rapid expansion and contraction of the bowl otherwise known as thermal shock.

For things like soups, I recommend cooking it in a separate bowl and then ladling it on. Be sure to heat the bowl as well. This way it will keep the soup nice and hot.

Granite vs Ceramic

I personally prefer ceramic. They have a glazed and smooth interior. However, they are lighter and more fragile than the granite. While Granite does perform better and hold the heat better, I am paranoid about chips. If some part of the rock fall off, you can accidentally bite it. Now Koreans have been using these bowls for centuries. Its probably not an issue most of the time. But i’m just paranoid. Interesting enough, those pestle and mortar uses a similar material and theres no issue there.

Best Dolsot Pot and Bowl List

Below, you will find a list of some of the Best Dolsot Pot and Bowl. There are a few different models available, choose one that best suits you.

Crazy Korean Cooking Stone Bowl (Best Overall)

This Bowl uses Clay as its primary construction. It can be used over a open flame and its also made in Korea. I recommend that you pick the model with a lid, this keeps food hot longer. One word of caution, the base is made of plastic. If you put a hot bowl on it, it can melt. I would either carve a wood tray or at least put a towel over it.

KoreArtStory Dolsot-Bibimbap Stone Bowls 32-Oz (Best Granite Model)

For a more traditional bowl, choose granite. They hold heat better and are less fragile. This model comes in a set of two with wooden trivet. They wont melt like the ceramic model will. However, reports are that the tray are fragile. On a side note, do not heat it in the microwave. The metal band will cause it to spark. You can use it on the stove or the oven.


A Dolsot Pot is necessary for a authentic sizzling experience. While it might seem superficial, your guest will be impressed by the sizzling food. I personally prefer the clay model for its ease of cleaning and smooth interior. However, the granite model is superior in terms of heat retention and performance. I just dont like the idea of loose rocks.

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