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Best Sizzling Plate

Want to impress your diner, bring them food in a sizzling plate. People love it when they get served sizzling food. I always get compliments when I do so. Its something about the noise, the smell and visual steam that makes people mouth water. While you can use any plate, the most traditional and the Best Sizzling Plate are usually made out of cast iron. It has the iconic rustic look that pairs well with the noise.

How to Use a Sizzling Plate

Ever wonder why your plate is never sizzling? There are a few steps that you need to do to get a real sizzling effect. If you do not plan on serving and cooking in the same plate, then you need preheat the pan. Once the pan is heated, then plate the food on top of it. Once done, get a bottle of juice, and spray some around the rim of the pan. Do this right before serving it.

If you plan on cooking on the same plate, then just add the juice right before serving. Remember to keep the pan hot.

Other people like to use a sizzling plate as a small cooking pan. They heat up faster and you dont have to do as many dishes. These type of plates are not really suited for serving.

Sizzling Plate Recipe

I suspect that most people who plan on using a sizzling plate, will cook some sort of meat. Steaks or Chicken is a popular choice. In this case, all you need to do is heat up the pan and make sure its ripping hot. Thoroughly dry the exterior of the steak or chicken then fry it. Be sure to add enough oil to add a film on the pan. Once its brown on one side, flip it. Be sure to poke it regularly to check the overall doneness.

Different Type of Material

There are a few different type of sizzling plate on the market. Ranging from cast iron to stainless steel. In my opinion, the old type of cast iron plate are the best. They are heavy and hold heat well. This keeps the pan sizzling for longer. Aluminum and Stainless Steel are great but they are generally made very thin. This means that it will lose it heat fast and stop sizzling quicker. It also does not keep food hot as long. They are designed to be used as a quick method of cooking. In this case, aluminum plates are really useful.

Restoring and Caring

If you get a cast iron sizzling plate, it can rust if you neglect it. In this case, removing the rust is simple as sanding it down. Once the rust is gone, apply a thin coat of oil and bake it at 350 for an hour. Let it cool and repeat as necessary. After a few run, it should be looking brand new.

When you use it, I would avoid using harsh soap nor should you soak it in water.

Best Sizzling Plate

Below you will find a list of some of the Best Sizzling Plate on the market. There are a few variation in shape and sizes, choose one that best suits you.

Lodge Cast Iron Fajita Set (Best Overall)

While this pan is advertised for Fajita, they are great for making a sizzling platter. It comes with a wooden plate so that it wont burn your table. The handle is great for cooking and easy maneuverability. However, it can get in the way during eating. This product is made in the USA to ensure the best quality.

Winco ISP-3 Cast Iron Steak Platter with Wood Underline (Best Oval Version)

If you want something with no handle for easier serving, then consider winco. Winco is a large commercial kitchenware manufacture. Their products are designed to withstand the rigor of a professional kitchen. If you want something to last and perform, you can be confident with their product. This model comes with a plate and a wooden trivet. Everything to get you started. There are some complaints about rust, but if you follow our Restoring and Caring section, its not really a problem.

Winco APL-11 Aluminum Sizzling Platter (Best for Cooking)

If you only want a plate for simple and quick cooking. A aluminum plate is perfect for that. It heats up fast and can sear well. You can pop these in the oven or just heat it on the stove. These arent really suitable for serving but it will sizzle.

Ebros Personal Size Cast Iron Japanese Steak Plate (Best Rectangular Plate)

Want to serve food like a Japanese Diner. A rectangle plate is perfect for a side of steak and potato plus veggies. This model comes standard with a wooden base as well. The Version made by Lodge is a good choice but it does not have a wooden base.


A Sizzling plate is great for serving and cooking in. Traditional cast iron models are the best overall. You can cook and serve food in it. However, they do not cook as fast as the aluminum model. The only downside of the aluminum is that they arent great for serving.

If you plan on getting one for serving, make sure you get one with a wooden base. This way, it wont burn your table. The rectangular model are great for getting a Japanese diner experience. They all work relatively well, buy one that suits you.

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