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Best Korean Noodle Pot for Ramen

In the streets of Korea, you can find grannies selling instant noodles. Most of the time, they are selling Shin Ramyun. If you order one, they will often time bring out a special Korean Noodle Pot. These pots are designed for cooking noodles, they are light, cheap and great for serving. As such, when you order a noodle, you will be served in the same pot in which its cooked. This article will list some of the Best Korean Noodle Pot available?

Best Korean Noodle Pot

There are quite a few different one on amazon. For the most part, they’re mostly the same. Some of these pots come with prepackaged stuff such as scrubber and chop sticks. Those are accessories to have so its not bad. Ultimately, you should pick the right size. I find that the one that are around 6 inches are best for noodles. I recommend that you get at least two. You will find that you use these pots for more than just noodles. I often time use it just to heat up water. Placing a lid on top of it makes it boil quicker. Its one of my most used pot in the Kitchen.

Do you need a Korean Noodle Pot?

If you eat noodle every day, then you might want to consider a Korean Noodle Pot. There is a reason for its thin and light construction. As a noodle pot, all you need it to do is heat up and boil water. As such, its the fastest way of heating up and cooking your noodles.

Traditional pots are heavy to help cook and saute food. Since you are only boiling liquid, you want a thin aluminum pot. They transfer heat a lot quicker to the soup. Heavier pots means that you are wasting heat and time heating up the pot instead of the noodles.

The second benefit of these noodle pot is that you can cook and serve noodle in the same pot. This means you dont have to wash extra bowls. If you have to cook for multiple people, then just get multiple pots. You can cook each noodle to their taste. This way you can customize each noodle.

Korean Ramen Pot Material

These noodles pots are usually made of aluminum. Aluminum is light and has a high thermal conductivity. This means that its one of the best material for cookware. This is also one of the reason why most cookware manufacturer use this. The downside of the Aluminum construction is that its not induction compatible. It does have strong of a magnetic pull to be compatible.

On the exterior, they either plate or anodize the metal for the color. With time, these coating will wear out. You can prevent this by using the soft side of the sponge. Using nylon or even worse the metal scrubber will wear it down quickly.

Aluminum Safety and Health

There are some concerns in regards to aluminum in cookware. Studies have found that the trace amount of aluminum that result from cooking is minimal. However, if you do cook a lot of acidic food, it can give it a slight metallic taste. Luckily, instant noodles rarely will use a lot of acidic food. If you plan on cooking a lot of Shin Ramyun, then you should be fine.

One thing that you should be aware of is that the handles get ripping hot. If you are not careful, you can burn yourself.


Do you need a Korean Noodle Pot? I sure do, I love eating ramen. If you eat it daily, I highly recommend that you get one. It will save you time on dishes and its designed for making noodles. It heats up water than most other cookware out there. The best part about it is that its really affordable.

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