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Best Egg Tart Mold

Who makes the Best Egg Tart Mold? What it really comes down to is thickness and durability. Things like the shape of it also important. A traditional Egg Tart has fluted sides with distinct ridges. Those cheaper disposable models make little to no ridges. Cheaper models also have very thin gauge metal. They bend and flex with a little push. The model that you should try and get should be thick and rigid. The most important thing is actually the type of metal used.

Best Egg Tart Mold Quick Summary

CategoriesRecommended Brand

Kang Kang Egg Tart Mold
ThoughtsMost commonly used in restaurant. These are thick and durable. You should be able to season it and it will become nonstick.
100Pcs Silver Color Round Shaped Egg Tart Mold, Egg Cups, Cupcake Mold
ThoughtsGreat if you need to serve a huge party. They are cheap and disposable. They just lack the flutes of the other model.
Carbon Steel
Amytalk 12 Packs Egg Tart Mold, Upgrade Bigger Size 3 x 0.9inch
ThoughtsBecomes slicker as you use it. They are a great alternative to aluminum. They just dont conduct heat as well.
Fixed Tray
Wilton Non-Stick Mini Tart Pan, 12-Cavity
ThoughtsThese are the easiest to use. The tray is fixed so you can bake and remove them easily. You really cannot go wrong with this.

What is a Egg Tart?

Egg tarts are like miniature quiche. Instead of a savory flavor, they are sweet. One of the most popular egg tart is Dan Tat. It is a Chinese egg custard that is commonly eaten with Dim Sum. The Portuguese have their own variation that usually have a caramelized top. These are usually called Pastel De Nata.


There are a couple of different metal that egg tart mold used.


This is the most common one. They are cheap and they conduct heat well. You will often find them in restaurants. They are good because you can season them and they generally dont stick. You should find one that is reasonable thick and avoid the thin disposable one.


However, if you have a large amount of guest, those disposable one can come in handy. They are relatively affordable. Most of these also lack the fluted side so you wont get that iconic design.

Carbon Steel and Cast Iron

Since both model have very similar properties, I will categorize them together. The good thing about carbon steel is that they develop a nonstick coating. This coating is called seasoning. What a seasoning is a build up of fat. They polymerize and give it a slick exterior. The only downside to carbon steel is that if you should strip the coating, they will rust. But generally the nonstick properties is better than the aluminum. They don’t generate heat as well though.

Fixed Tray Steel

These models are most common in the western household. Rows of mold are affixed in a tray. They help keep them neat and organized. The nonstick coating also usually ensure that they release easily. However, these are also a bit of a challenge to remove as compared to individual pieces, even with the nonstick coating. The nonstick coating can also wear down with use.

Best Egg Tart Mold Thoughts

These are some of the best mold available. Which model you should buy should depends on your need. If you want a neat and tidy egg tart mold, I recommend that you go with the wilton model. For a more traditional egg tart mold, go with the aluminum one. However, if you just want to serve guest and be rid of them, the disposable aluminum works as well. Just be aware that the flute wont be as pronounced.

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