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Best Sauteuse Pan

The Best Sauteuse Pan can sear, bake and broil all in one pan. There are many different materials available for a Sauteuse Pan. Some of the more popular one are cast iron, stainless steel and even aluminum. They all provide different performance characteristic. For example, cast iron can hold heat well but they are prone to heat spot. Aluminum heats up fast, but can be reactive with acidic food. My favorites are the multi clad pan that combines different metal. Unfortunately, they are practically nonexistent. A good alternative would be a heavy enamel cast iron.

What is a Sauteuse Pan and its Uses

A lot of people have a misconception on what a Sauteuse Pan is. It is not a saute pan, but rather a pan with a two loop handle. The sides are slightly sloped near the base so it rolls in. But really, its more of a Rondeau Pan or a saute pan with two loop handle.

These pan are one of the most versatile cookware in the kitchen. You can cook on the stove and pop it right in the oven. Since the two loop handle is compact, you can easily use it as a serving plate.

Some of the most popular cooking method used in a Sauteuse pan is braising. Since the sides are taller than a frying pan, it can hold more liquid. The accompanying lid should help keep seal in all the juices.

Sauteuse Pan vs Wok

A Sauteuse Pan and a Wok are two very different things. In terms of functionality, a wok is great for stir frys under intense heat. They have a lot of room to toss and turn food.

A Sauteuse Pan are generally used for stews and braise. Dishes that contain more liquid are preferred. Its not designed to be toss and stired like a Wok is. It should stay on the stove through most of the cooking.

In terms of versatility, I would a Sauteuse Pan is better. You can simply do a lot more western style of cooking. While a Wok is great if you have the proper heat output. But unfortunately, most dont.


There are a few different material that is used for a Sauteuse Pan. I personally find that cast iron is the best choice. Cast Iron is heavy and can hold heat well. Perfect for searing, braising and baking. While it does not heat up as fast as aluminum, once it gets hot, it stays hot. It will also keep food hot throughout service, great for when you bring it to the table.

If your plan is to mainly cooking on the stove top, then aluminum/stainless steel might be a better choice. These material heat up faster than cast iron and the heating is more even. Its also lighter than cast iron. The issue is that if you plan on serving it on the table, it will cool down significantly faster.

Nonstick coated Sauteuse Pan are easy to clean and nothing will stick. They are the easiest to cook in however they have a limited life span. The coating usually last a year or two before it has to be replaced. Construction wise, these pans are usually made of aluminum with a nonstick coating.


Lids are very important in these cookware. They help trap in moisture and keep food moist. Generally, the heavier the lid are, the better it is. I would avoid glass lid as they can shatter, but in some instance you have no choice.

Best Sauteuse Pan List

Below, you will find a list of some of the Best around. I have listed it based on material, you should choose one that best suits your need.

Le Creuset Sauteuse Pan (Best Overall)

Le Creuset Wide Dutch is the best in its class. They have both style, performance and function. The heavy cast iron weight makes it perfect for both baking and bringing to the table. The handles are wide and comfortable. Plus its pretty to boot. If you want the best of the best, Le Creuset is the way to go.

Tramontina Braiser Pan (Best Buy)

Tramontina Braiser Pan is one of the most affordable. It uses a cast iron construction much like the Le Creuset model at a fraction of the price. While they dont have as much color variation as Le Creuset, theirs should satisfy most people need. The knob is also made of stainless steel so the oven safe temperature should be higher.

Calphalon Sauteuse Pan

Calphalon Sauteuse Pan is designed to save space and has a nonstick coating. They also have a stainless steel version if you prefer that. However, either one will work just as well. These pans will heat up fast and should be the easiest to cook in. The nonstick coating also mean that its very easy to clean.


A Sauteuse pan is a versatile cookware. Its not a saute pan that most people think it is but rather a two loop pan. It can fit in the oven, cook on the stove top and be used as a serving platter. While I personally think that the cast iron models are the best, they do take a while to heat up. In these situation, a aluminum or stainless steel model might be better suited for you. They all come in at different price point, I recommend that you take that into consideration.

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