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Best Wooden Charcuterie Board

Salami, Cheese, Bread, Olives and Fruits, nothing beats the flavor of a Charcuterie Board. Theyre easy to prepare and guest will be impressed by the spread. However, as with all dish, you need a base. The Best Wooden Charcuterie Board will make your board looks like something straight from Italy. While you can make your own board or buy one of those eco friendly bamboo board. The traditional Olive Wood Board is still the preferred choice.

Best Wood for Charcuterie Board

To tell you the truth, it doesnt really matter all that much. At the end of the day, its just a board. It holds food, nothing special. But what is special is the design of the board. No other wood can compare to Olive Wood for its beautiful rustic look. They have a natural marble appearance to it.

You can use wood like Bamboo or Birchwood. However, they often look cheap in comparison. The grains are usually exposed and can leave little splinter on your food.

What about Cutting?

Despite what most people say, a Wooden Charcuterie Board is not meant to be cut on. Doing so will only mar the surface. You might have a little knife to cut cheese, but it shouldn’t really gouge the board. Having said that, some people still insist on cutting on it. In this case, your best best would be a Dark Walnut Wood. They have a beautiful brown look that is similar to Olive Wood.

Size, Thickness and Shape

These board come in a wide range of shape and design. I personally prefer the slightly oblong shape. The sides are usually unfinished so it looks like a bark of wood. Models with handles are great for transporting, but it distract from the board. In Italy, you can find a lot of these board that looks like a paddle. That is because a lot of those roman shop have very narrow table. You can only fit the paddle design.

In terms of thickness, the thicker the better. I generally prefer Charcuterie Board that are at least 1 inch thick. Thinner models are more prone to cracking and breaking. Not only that, you can sand it down when there are imperfection. You generally have more wiggle room when it comes durability.

Caring and Washing for a Wooden Charcuterie Board

Caring for a Wooden Charcuterie Board is the same as any other wooden board. You can wash with soap and water. However, when you dry it, make sure it has a lot of room to air out. This will reduce the chance of it splitting. It will also reduce the chance of mold forming. If it does, you can always sand it out.

Every once in a while, I recommend that you oil it with mineral oil. This will prevent the board from absorbing too much moisture. It also reduce the chance of it cracking as well.

Best Wooden Charcuterie Board List

Below, you will find a list of some of the Best Wooden Charcuterie Board on the market. I have included some from each category. Choose one that best suit your need.

Tramanto Olive Wood Cheese and Serving Board (Best Overall)

For the complete rustic look, nothing beats olive wood. The sides will carry some of the natural tree bark. Since each model is hand made, they will have their own unique characteristic. I recommend that you look for some obvious large cracks. If thats the case, i would exchange it.

Tramanto Wooden Cheese Serving Board, 17 Inch Long Olive Wood Food Platter (Best Model with a Handle)

If you want something a little more traditional looking. This model is rectangular and comes with a carrying handle. If you want, you can even put a leather strap at the end. That will really bring the look together. As with the other olive wood model, check for obvious cracks.

John Boos Block WAL-B12R Round Walnut Wood Edge Grain Cutting Board with Feet (Best for Cutting on)

If you want a board where you can cut on, then John Boos Walnut model is a great choice. It is round and slightly lifted from the table. This model is 12 inch in diameter, so its great for a serving of 2 or maybe 3. Caring for this board is the same as other board, dont soak it in water. Check to see if there are any cracks or split in the glue.

Unique Bamboo Cheese Board, Charcuterie Platter & Serving Tray (Best Bamboo Model)

If you prefer a bamboo model. This model is one of the highest rated on amazon. It comes with grooves on the side to store smaller items like olives or even pimento. There are easy to use carrying handle as well. This model comes in at 15.5 by 10 at 1 inch thickness. Interesting enough, it comes with a money back guarantee.


You have many choices for a Charcuterie Board. Olive wood are the most traditional and beautiful choice you can get. They are relatively cheap and will transform the appearance. However, bamboo are a good and ecologically friendly alternative. However, neither board are suited for cutting on. In that case, I recommend you get a walnut model. They work well for both cutting and serving.

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