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Best and Most Expensive Cutting Board

There are a lot of cutting boards on the market. Some are good, others are just plain bad. Good cutting boards protects your knife and has a satisfying tap when you chop on it. Boards made of glass are basically a punishment for your knife. The prices on these boards have ranges from a few dollar to thousands. At the higher end of the price range, the board is a full on table. You can usually tell how good the board is based on the weight alone. But finding the the Best and Most Expensive Cutting Board can be a little difficult. Below you will find a list of some of the best cutting board that I have used.

Best and Most Expensive Cutting Board List

There are many boards on the market. They all have their own features, quirks and design. You should choose the best one that suits your needs.

John Boos American Heritage Kitchen Island (Best Overall)

The best and most expensive cutting board isn’t even a board. Its a full on kitchen island. It will be the center piece of your kitchen. The table is made of edge grain wood and its 5 inch thick in size. This island also has convenient drawers below the wood so you can store your fruits and vegetables. You can also choose from a wide variety of color to match your kitchen. One downside to this table is the sheer weight of it. It is well over a few hundred pounds.

Boos Butcher Block (Best for a Butcher)

If you plan on butcher whole animals or just want a professional butcher block, then this is the way to go. The construction is end grain and the thickness is 10 inch. This means that if cared for properly, it will pretty much last your lifetime. If you look at some that are used in the professional kitchen, you can see wavy groves to the top. That is the results from years of chopping. Some neat optional accessories are the side board to store your knives. If its not preinstalled, you can always install it yourself.

John Boos Reversible Wood Grain Board (Best Buy)

For a more traditional cutting board, the end grain board is a great option. Getting one that is at least 2 inch thick is your best option. They offer the best value for your money. Generally, they last longer and its more stable. The sides has grooves so that its easy to flip and move around as well. One thing that I recommend you do is measure your sink. While the bigger size are better overall, you need to find one that is at least washable. Remember you need to dry it properly for longevity.

Why are some cutting board so expensive?

Its the wood, maple wood are a lot more expensive than you think. Go to a home depot and try to buy a block of maple, it can easily cost ten dollar or more for a small strip. The boards arent even made of a single piece of maple, they are all glued together. This is done both for economic and functional reason. Board maker will often time use the end grain of the board where it is more porous. Its considered to be the best.

Why is End Grain Better and more Expensive?

There are two type of board available, end grain and edge grain. Edge grain uses the side of the wood, they are easier to make and cheaper to produce. The edge grain by nature are naturally occurring and easier to glue together.

End Grain is the porous section of the wood. Since it does not have as much surface area, more cuts are needed to make it. The benefit of these board is that they are softer on the blade and wont dull it.

Why Maple is the Best wood for Cutting Board

Having a board that is made of softwood means that it is softer on the knife. However, this also means that it will get damaged and ruined more easily. Having a board that is too hard can dull the knife too fast. Maple is a good balance between these two. It has a Janka Hardness rating of 1,450. Its gives you the durability and performance on the knife. While other woods are also used, in general, Hard Maple is the preferred choice from manufacturer.

Why is your cutting board splitting?

The bad thing about wooden board is that they can split. This is made worse with the end grain board. They can split and crack down the grain. The other things that happen is the glue can separate due to water. The constant expansion and contraction causes stress on the wood.

One way to combat this, is to keep your board oiled. A well oiled board will prevent the ingress of water and stops it from cracking. You should also dry it properly to prevent moisture from lingering.

Cutting Board Thickness

There are many different thickness for the cutting board. You can usually find that in the third dimension of the cutting board. The best board are at least 2 inch thick. The more thick you go, the more expensive it is. There are some benefit to a thicker board. Since the board is more thick, its less likely to contract and split. Another benefit is that they board is more stable on the table. When you chop, its less likely to move around. Finally, the more wood you have, the more you can sand it down. This means that you can keep the board longer and longer.

Best and Most Expensive Cutting Board Thoughts

There are many options for cutting board on the market. While it seems like I have a bias towards Boos Cutting Board, they truly are the best. Their boards are made in America and they have the best options out of any company. For the best of the best, the islands are a great options. But those are big and most dont have enough room. In this situation, you can get those smaller reversible boards. I recommend that you find one that fits your sink. Also, get one that is at least 2 inch thick for maximum durability.

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