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Best Tomato Knife

Tomato are one of my most favorite food. Theyre healthy and delicious. You can find them in pasta, soups and sandwiches. However, cutting a tomato can be a bit of a challenge. We all seen videos of a knife cutting through a tomato with no pressure. While that might be impressive, its not at all realistic. The Best Tomato Knife should be able to slice through a tomato with ease. It being overly ripe or under ripe should not be a factor. Models with a serrated edge are usually best suited for this task.

What is a Tomato Knife used for?

The main use of a Tomato Knife is to cut tomato. Well not really, but if you call it a Tomato Knife, I assume you’re going to use it to slice tomatoes. The more correct term for a tomato knife is serrated knife. These knives have wavy edges to help pierce the waxy flesh of the tomato. With a regular knife, its very easy for it to slip, hence the difficulty in slicing it.

With that being said, straight edge knife can still slice a tomato. They just have to be very sharp for it to do so. The single handed slice of the tomato are usually done with Japanese knives that are razor thin. Those videos are a little deceiving. Typically they slice the base of it so that it has friction with the board. You will rarely see a video of that sort with a whole tomato in tact.

As for other usage, I like using these knives to slice sandwich, hard bread and even salami. I find that I always get the smoothest cut from these knives. These knives are also great for cutting bagels.

How to use a Tomato Knife

Using a Tomato Knife is the same as a regular knife. Pinch the spine of the knife with your index finger and thumb. Wrap the palm of your hand and three fingers on the hilt of the knife for a firm and secure grip. Your non dominant hand should be used to guide the knife along as you cut it. Be sure to keep it in a claw configuration so you wont your cut yourself.

The two prongs at from are used to life and pick up tomato slices.


Sharpening is one of the worst thing about serrated knives. You cant sharpen them at home. You need special tools just to do so. In that case, be aware of what you buy and how much you pay. Do you really want to spend a hundred dollar for something that you cant sharpen. Ironically, my best model is near that price point…

Best Tomato Knife List

Below, you will find a list of some of the best Tomato Knife. There are a few different models around, choose one that best suits you.

Wusthof Tomato Knife Classic Ikon (Best Overall)

Wusthof Classic Ikon knife is the best tomato knife overall. Its long enough to slice any tomato and perfect for a small sandwich. Compared to the standard classic model, these handles are more rounded and comfortable. Perhaps the best thing about this knife is that its hand forged in Germany. The blade is fully tanged, meaning that its a single piece of steel from the blade to the handle. The only bad thing about this knife is the price.

Victorinox Swiss Classic Tomato and Table Knife (Best Buy)

Wusthof is knife and so is the performance. Buts its really expensive. For something that is a fraction of the price, check out victorinox. Their brand of knife is preferred by kitchen professional for both its durability and affordability. Plus, once it wears down, you can just buy a new one without sharpening. I recommend buying this model. However, it feels light, flimsy and cheap.

Zwilling J.A. Henckels Twin Signature, Serrated Utility Knife (Best Balance)

Wusthof is too expensive and victorinox feels cheap. If you want a middle of the road knife, then Henckels make a good tomato knife. Its forged in Germany with a full tang like Wusthof. However, it is also half the price. While still pricier than Victorinox, it feels a lot more substantial and less cheap.


If you eat and make sandwich on a regular basis, a dedicated tomato knife might be necessary. For the best of the best, go for Wusthof. However, its expensive and they cant be sharpened at home. The victorinox is a affordable and effective knife. If it dulls, you can easily replace it. The bad thing is that it feels cheap and flimsy. But for something between the road, go for Henckels, it has the heft and quality, without the price of wusthof.

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