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Best Potato Slicer

America love their potato. From French fries to chips, we eat them almost daily. However, it can be a pain to slice them thin and evenly. Thankfully, there are a lot of Potato Slicer out there. The Best Potato Slicer are made of stainless steel with a heavy base construction. The issue with this is that those model are expensive. Thankfully, there are some really good plastic potato slicer. They can fit over the bowl and the blade can be sharpened.

What is a Potato Slicer?

A Potato Slicer is a device designed to slice potato. For paper thin potato, a mandoline is used to slice. You set the potato over a plan like device and move it up and down. The device will have a variable adjustable blade that can change in width. That will change the overall thickness of the potato slices.

For stuff like french fries, there are lever based slicer. It cuts square cross section of potato. These are great for slicing potato in volume. Unfortunately, a lot of the consumer models are junk and really flimsy.

Other type of potato slicer are the Hassleback Potato Slicer. That is a knife guide that allows a potato fit between it. Another is the potato slicer spiralizer. That just cut the potato into a ribbon. However, the main use for that is to just peel potato.

How thinly slice potato with a Mandoline

To slice a potato with a mandoline, begin by setting it up. Some of the mandoline has a feet, other needs to be rested on a bowl. Once ready, grab the potato and the slicer guard. Insert it into the guard. After that, set the thickness to your desired setting. I recommend going a notch above the lowest setting. You can then change it based on your prefernce.

Run the potato through slicer and that should give you thin slices. When nearing the end, I recommend just discarding it or using it for other stuff. If you slice it with your bare hand, it can lead to injury. Its known as one of the most dangerous tool in the kitchen. I recommend that you take precaution.

Best Potato Slicer List

Below, you will find a list of some of the Best Potato Slicer. There are a few different models available both for consumer and commercial. Choose one that best suits your need.

Bron Coucke Stainless Steel Classic Chef’s Mandoline (Best Slicer for Chip)

Bron Coucke is the original French Mandoline. Its made of heavy duty stainless steel that resist warping and rust. Most modern stainless steel mandoline is based on this standard. It is designed to be used all day in a professional kitchen. If you want the best of the best, go with Bron Coucke.

Benriner Mandoline Slicer, with 4 Japanese Stainless Steel Blades (Best Buy)

Benriner is a Japanese brand of Mandoline slicer. You can often find them for less than 50 dollar and is used a lot in professional kitchen. The blades can be sharpened and replaced for durability and performance. Notches are on the slicer so that you can rest it on the bowl. If you are looking for something that just works, go for Benriner. It wont break your bank.

Nemco (55450-2) 3/8″ Easy Fry Cutter (Best Potato Slicer for Fries)

Eat a lot of potato? Then Nemco is the way to go. While the price might scare off most people, this model is durable and can withstand constant use. All you need to do is put a potato and push down. Its reliable and just works, although its recommended that you mount it on something stable. While it is the best, there are some work and space necessary.

New Star Food Service 42313 Commercial Restaurant French Fry Cutter (Best Buy French Fry Slicer)

New Star is a the best buy for a french fry cutter. While its not as durable as Nemco, it does the job for most people. The feet has suction cups to keep it stable so you dont have to mount it. However, this model is not recommended if you have a french fry shop. The durability is just not the same.

Charcoal Companion CC2031 Hasselback Potato Slicing Rack (Best Hassleback Potato Slicer)

This simple device acts as a guide to slice your potato. Just put it under the arch and run the knife through it. After that, season and pop it into the oven. You can also add cheese, bacon and other topping before baking. This model works and you cant go wrong with it. Just dont put it in the dishwasher. The wood can split.

OXO Good Grips 3-Blade Tabletop Spiralizer with StrongHold Suction (Best Potato Slicer Spiralizer)

For a spiralized potato, oxo is a good choice. You can use this to make the tornado potato or just a string of potato. Oxo spiralizer can be used for more than just potato as well. You can make zucchini pasta or even carrot. The different attachment also give you variety in the type of cuts you want to make.


Potato is a great vegetable. However, cooking it can be a chore. These potato slicer just makes everything easier. The best slicer is the French Classic Bron Courke. Their construction and durability is unrivaled. However, Benrier makes a much more affordable alternative. If you just want French Fries, then go for Nemco. They are made for the kitchen professional and can withstand abuse. Cheaper alternative do exist if you are just a casual fry maker. Hassleback potato just needs a simple tool to help guide your knife and if you want a spiralizer, go with oxo. They’re affordable and functional.

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