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Best Tamale Steamer Pot

While Burritos is all the craze in America, tamales are are the original authentic wrapped food. Covered in masa with a flavorful pork or chicken filling, its one of the best thing to eat on the go. The best thing about Tamales is that you can make giant batches of them. Saving you overall time and money. However, to do so, you need a Tamale Steamer Pot. The Best Tamale Steamer pots are large and should be able to produce enough steam to feed a large family.

What is a Tamale Steamer Pot?

A Tamale Steamer Pot is a giant pot with a perforated insert on the bottom. As you heat up the pot, the water is converted into steam cooking the tamales. Generally, you should get pots that are at least 12 quart in size. The larger it is, the more tamales you can cook. While it might seem excessive, tamales do take up a lot of space.

Stainless Steel vs Aluminum

Aluminum is mostly used in making Tamale Pot. They are light and conduct heat well. This means that it can convert water into steam very rapidly. Since you wont be cooking anything acidic to it, its not likley to impart a metallic taste. However, Aluminum is a very soft metal. They are easily warped and generally not very durable.

Stainless Steel are harder and generally last longer. However, they dont heat up as fast as aluminum. Both work well and you cant go wrong with either one.

How to use a Tamale Steamer Pot

To use a Tamale Steamer Pot, add water to the base. Then put the perforated cover on top. If you want, you can line it with aluminum foil but that is not necessary. Start lining your tamales in rows. If necessary, you can start stacking them on to of each other. However, its best to keep them separated for a fast and even steam. You might have to add additional water as necessary.

Other Uses

These Tamales pot can be used for other stuff as well. You can make giant batches of stocks or soups. Canning food is also a good option thanks to the size. Some people also use it to deep fry turkey. When not in use, I use it as storage for other stuff such as grain. It does take up a lot of room so might as well make use of it.

Best Tamale Steamer Pot List

Below, you will find a list of some of the Best Tamale Steamer Pot. There are a few options available, choose one that best suits your needs.

IMUSA USA Aluminum Tamale and Steamer Steamer (Best Overall)

IMUSA is a latin america based manufacturer of cookware. Their Aluminum steamer pot is used in many mexican restaurant throughout America. Since its aluminum, it transfer heat quickly and generate steam just as fast. The steamer disc is function and great for holding tamale. Best of all, its affordable. You cant go wrong with this pot. The 12 qt size is great for a family. But for big party, I recommend the bigger models.

GasOne ST-32 Gas One Stainless Steel Stock 8 Gallon with lid/cover & Steamer Rack (Best Stainless Model)

If you want something a little more durable, than stainless steel is better. They resist warping better and it wont react with acidic food. The only downside is that they dont conduct heat as well. But once it gets going, it should be fine. There are a few size to choose from, get one that best suits you.


Tamales are the original burrito. While you can make it at home with a regular pot, you can only make 3 or 4 per steam. To really make enough for a family, you need a dedicated steamer pot. This save you time and money when you make large batches. The Aluminum models are one of the best and most affordable. However, stainless steel is not reactive and generally last longer. Both are good, and you cant go wrong with either one.

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