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Blue Diamond Pan are the newest as seen on tv cookware. The previous craze was the copper chef pan and now its this. While I cant say for sure, I would not be surprised if its the same guy making all these infomercial for these cookware. The previous advertisement for copper chef stated that it was copper when its not really. Not they are saying its diamond. This review will take a deeper look into the construction of the cookware. We will discuss how it is design and whether its actually any good.

Blue Diamond Pan Quick Summary

Blue Diamond Frying Pan and Skillets
CompatibilityGas, Electric, Halogen, Glass Top, Induction
Warranty90 Day Money Back Guarantee and a Lifetime Warranty. For more info, click Here
Brand AwarenessAmerica
Country of ManufacturerChina
ThoughtsAnother nonstick pan full of marketing gimmicks. While its not a bad performing pan, how they market themselves leaves a bad impression. Having said that, it is still a screaming bargain. For 29 dollar, you get two pans. At that price, it wouldn’t matter if you replace it in one or two years.
Reviewed CookwareBlue Diamond Cookware Pan

Diamonds in the Pan?

Their marketing scheme is that there are diamonds in the pan. The reason why they use it is because it is one of the best heat conductor in the world, even better than copper. It is also one of the toughest, for that reason the non stick coating will be durable. While diamond are a good heat conductor and diamond are tough, their non stick coating isn’t. There are numerous reviews on Amazon that stated that their coating is already flaking off after a few uses.

As for their claims that they use diamond, this is true. Manufacturer will normally use a small vial of industrial diamond to harden the coating. However, it is probably such a low content that it makes a very minor impact to the performance of the pan. In my opinion, it is just a marketing ploy. For the pan to actually have the heating and durability of diamond, it needs to be made out of a solid piece of diamond. I could not find any information about the core of the pan, but my guess is that its either stainless steel or aluminum. If not, a combination of both metal. You would get the heating properties of those metal instead.

The real base of their non stick coating is ceramic. If you look at the advert, almost all ceramic cookware has some weird metal imbued into their cookware. But really, they just say that to make it sound stronger. Some would say titanium, other will say granite…

More Blue Diamond Pan Marketing Gimmicks

On their advertisement I see the following. 5x harder coating, 10x longer lasting and 4x better heat transfer. While that statement can be true. The question is, better than what. It’s certainty at least 5x better than a rock. For that reason, I would take what they say with a grain of salt.

Also, I saw in their infomercial that it is hammer safe. Then grabbed a sledge hammer and whacked it. Came out unharmed. Then I proceeded to watch a video where they grab a hammer and smashed it. The pan was dented…haha.

Blue Diamond Pan Design

This section will talk a bit about the construction and design of Blue Diamond Pan.


This is a complaint that a lot of people have about this pan. It is an all metal design. Usually, an all metal pan is only made for high end cookware. The reason is because restraunt professional usually finish cooking in the oven. Since its not covered with silicone or plastic, it has a higher oven temperature. For Blue Diamond Pan, they have an impressive oven temp safety of 850 degree fahrenheight. One of the highest I ever saw in any pan. Quite frankly, I am impressed by this number. But I suspect that they just said that for a marketing ploy. Almost no one will subject the pan to that temperature. For that reason, I am assuming they can earn more money this way.

Regardless, if you buy this pan, expect it to get hot. There are some design features that keep it cool, such as the Y shape heat choke. It prevents some transfer of heat, but expect it to get hot.


The shape of their skillet is a traditional french skillet. These design are great for tossing food with your wrist. However, most people who buy this pan wont be skilled enough to do that. Luckily, the sidewall are low enough so you can flip a spatula right under. There is no rolled lip on this pan. This makes it difficult to pour liquid.

Blue Diamond Pan Price

I think this is the reason why so many people like their cookware. For 29 dollars, you can get two skillet. At that price point, I would want to believe in their marketing gimmick. If you put yourself in the place of someone who bought this. Think about how great they must feel, for 29 dollar they got a really good bargain. While those people who spent hundred dollar just got something worst. I personally dont think its better, but I cant deny how good of a price this is.


So there are a bunch of reviews out there saying how great the pan is. The problem is that they are testing a brand new pan. I suspect that if you get another brand new non stick pan, you will get the same performance. These pans like the other nonstick pan, is probably made in the same factory. The manufacturer will slap on a different label, but when you get down to it, its probably the same.

Blue Diamond Pan Thoughts

I would classify this pan as another nonstick pan. Not really better not really worse. The best thing that this pan has is simply the price. What I dont like is how they market themselves, I feel its a little deceptive. Then again, the copper chef pan kinda did the same thing. I honestly suspect these pans are made by the same person. They see a formula on how to market it and they repeat it. It looks like its working…

I hope you like this Blue Diamond Pan Review, If you would like to see more, please visit our Pots and Pans Review page.

4 Comments on “Blue Diamond Pan Reviews

Cookin with gas
August 7, 2020 at 7:00 am

Don’t waste your $$$$$! If you want to gently scramble eggs with a plastic utensil you can buy a $5-10 pan anywhere. These say metal utensil safe… Apparently they didn’t test my whisk or potato masher. 2 pots gone after the finish didn’t hold up to these tools. Also bought the skillets only to find they don’t like to be used or cleaned too often either. Also a couple of warped areas. They say oven safe but I didn’t dare try it. Less than 6 months and the entire set is at the landfill!!!! 150 bucks I’ll never get back. Now they have green??? Must be made from the $ they scammed on the blue!

Curated Cook
August 7, 2020 at 8:01 am

Yea, ceramic nonstick coating is not really durable. Hopefully you can get a replacement from them.

September 12, 2020 at 8:42 am

Blue Diamond frying pans suck! Nearly everything they advertise about this product is a lie! A whole bunch of false advertising! I had 2 and the coating on it didn’t even last a month of constant use! After that coating is gone they are hard to clean and everything sticks terribly to the pan! Worst pan I have ever had!

Curated Cook
September 17, 2020 at 11:42 am

Hi Bill,

Thank you for sharing your experience. If any other users have experience with their pan, please comment below. It helps us consumer get a better idea of how they perform.

~Curated Cook


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