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Circulon Premier Professional 13 Piece Hard Anodized Cookware Set Review

Nonstick cookware is a essential part of a kitchen. Nothing sticks making life easier. With a nonstick pan, novices can even cook like a professional. However, there are a lot of junk on the market. Circulon Premier Professional might seem like an average pan, but its actually a pretty decent pan. It uses anodized coating with a rubber handle. The base is reinforced making it induction compatible as well. This Circulon Premier Professional Review will take a closer look at the design, features and specs.

Circulon Premier Professional Safe?

One of the most asked question is whether a cookware is safe. The answer is yes, its safe. A lot of the fear over teflon is overblown but not unfounded. The main reason people are scared of Teflon, is PFOA. Its a chemical used in manufacturing. This chemical is known to cause cancer and other environmental damage. However, its rarely ends up in cookware. Most modern cookware dont even use PFOA in manufacturing.

The second fear involves overheating. When Teflon is overheated, it starts to release fumes. That fume is known to cause flue like symptom. However, its unlikely to occur if you keep oil and food in the pan. Heating the pan dry is when fumes starts to release.

What Does it All Mean?

There are a lot of terms that manufacturer like to use. The first part is Anodized. Anodization is controlled corosion on Aluminum. When manufacturer do this, it hardens the surface and open up pores allowing manufacturer to paint it. Its then that they apply a coating of teflon. Because of this, the teflon coating is more durable than your standard nonstick pan. Regular nonstick pan has its coating painted on instead.

Induction Capability

At the base of most cookware is Aluminum. Aluminum is light, cheap and great at conducting heat. However, its not compatible with induction stove top. It does not have a magnetic pull. To get around this manufacturer apply a stainless steel base. It increases its heat capacity and makes it perform better overall. Pan that are too light loses its heat rapidly. If you drop too much food in, it will causes it to steam instead of brown.

Nonstick Performance

The nonstick capability is good. Generally you can expect it to last 2 or 3 year before it deteriorate. You can make it last longer by using wooden and plastic utensils. Avoiding overheating the pan also make it last longer as well.


When you clean, simple soap and water will work. Use the soft side of the sponge will take care of most issue. Do not use the nylon scrubber as that too will wear it down. If you find that food is stuck on, let it soak in water. That should soften it up.


With all those other feature, the one thing that sets a brand apart is the shape of the cookware. Sometimes manufacturer will use weird shape to save on manufacturing cost. Thankfully, circulon have designed it with performance in mind. The pots are more wide than tall. This makes it easier to push and manipulate food around. The pans also have a wide surface area. Letting you sear better than your standard pan. The only bad thing is the lack of a rolled lip. This means that when you pour, liquid can dribble down the side.

Circulon Premier Professional Oven Safe?

Yes, this model is oven safe up to 400 degree fahrenheit. This is pretty standard for most nonstick cookware. The main thing that is holding it back is the Teflon Coating and the rubber handle.

What about the Circulon Brand?

The Circulon brand is part of the Meyer Corporation. They own many different brands of cookware one of which is Ruffoni, a Italian brand known for their copper cookware. They do know their stuff and I would say the Circulon is targeted for the middle range brand. Its not the top tier brand, but its better than lower end. Most of it also has a life time warranty. So you can be sure of its durability.

Is Circulon Premier Professional Worth It?

For the price, I think Circulon Premier Professional is a pretty decent buy. There are cheaper option and those work as well. T-Fal is a good option. But if you like this particular brand, its really is a good buy.

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