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Farberware Neat Nest Cookware Review

Farberware Neat Nest Cookware is the solution to the space conscience consumer. Pots and pans takes a huge amount of space. Sometimes you can nest cookware on top of each other, but most of the time, they dont fit properly. There are a few different manufacturer that makes space saving cooking and for some reason, most are made in America. Regardless we will take a closer look at its overall design and features. We will see how it works and whether its any good.

Farberware Neat Nest Cookware Review Quick Summary

Farberware Neat Nest Cookware Set
CompatibilityGas, Electric, Halogen, Glass Top
Oven Temperature350 degrees Fahrenheit
Warrantylifetime warranty
Brand AwarenessAmerica
Country of ManufacturerAssembled in USA with Foreign Parts
ThoughtsFarberware Neat Nest Cookware is a great set of nonstick cookware if you need to save space. They use the handle as a means of stacking, but that makes it uncomfortable. Given that, they are affordable and in line with other nonstick cookware.
Reviewed CookwareFarberware 22245 Neat Nest Space Saving Nonstick Cookware Pots and Pans Set/Dishwasher Safe, Made in The USA, 13 Piece, Black

Faberware History

Faberware has been manufacturing cookware since 1900’s. It was started by Tinsmith S.W. Farber in a basement in Manhattan. The company intially started peddling matches, then moved on to produce munitions during world war II. One of the thing that they are most well known for is the handle design on their pots and pans. While, the design is a little bit archaic today, they are still charming to have in your household. Today, the company is owned by the Meyer corporation. They own a wide range of cookware brand from Anolon to Ruffoni.

Farberware Neat Nest Cookware Design

This section will talk about the various design aspect of Farberware Neat Nest Cookware. We will take a look at the handle, shape and overall design.


The handle on Farberware Neat Nest Cookware is what makes the nesting works. It has notches and groves that secure it in place. On the skillets, the loop handles has little hooks that latches onto one another. The pots handle has shapes like those on tetris. When you nest them on top of one another, the stay secure. The only issue is that when you dont put them in the right order. Granted, they can just sit on the pot, but its not universally sound.

Aside from that, the handles are made of plastic. They will not get hot on the stove top but this limits the upper oven safe temperature. For this set, the oven safe temperature is at 350 degree Fahrenheit. In terms of comfort, they are not the most comfortable design. This is due to the way its shape. Those edges and corner can cause fatigue overtime. Then again, the goal was not really for comfort in the first place.


The shape of the cookware is generic but generally usable. The skillets has low sidewall allowing liquid to evaporate quickly. They also let you flip food with a spatula. Pans with high sidewall makes it difficult to do so. For the pot, they are narrow, forcing you to sear food in multiple batches. The narrow diameter makes food crowd causing it to steam. This increase overall cooking time. However, this was most likely done to save space.

For the size, they are made for a reduction purpose. Each size is smaller than the other so that they can nest.

Farberware Neat Nest 13 Piece

The pieces in 13 piece set is very basic. You basically get pots and pans. However, those should let you do just about anything you would need. The only thing I would probably like is a larger and wider dutch oven.


The lids are interesting as well. They are suppose to sit inside the pot. They will basically be against the nonstick coating. Eventually scratching it, not a really good design and I would avoid it if you can. Other than that, its made of glass and they are prone to shattering. I would avoid subjecting the lids to extreme temperature. Dont wash it in cold water after you just used it. A metal design would be better. Some might argue that a glass lids lets you look inside, when it steams you cant see anyways. It kinds of defeat the purpose.

Nonstick Coating and Durability

The nonstick coating is the one thing that will limit the durability of the pan. Don’t expect nonstick cookware to last more than one or two year with regular use. For this reason, its best to buy them cheap. There are some ways you can prolong the life of a nonstick cookware.

1) Never use a metal utensils. We all do it, but if you want it to last, I would avoid it. Nylon scrubbers are also a bad choice, use the soft side.

2) Overheating the pan is also horrible. At temperature of 500 degree and above, it starts degrading rapidly. At 572 degree and above, gas might start being released and you can experience flu like symptoms. This is called the Teflon Flu. Which has been known to kill small birds. Although its unlikely that humans will suffer the same fate.


Farberware Neat Nest Cookware has a lifetime warranty. However, shipping in a pan will almost cost as much as the set. Also you wont run the risk of them denying you the warranty. Hence, wasting your money.

Farberware Neat Nest Thoughts

Overall the Farberware Neat Nest Cookware is a decent nonstick cookware set, for the price. If you need to save space and need a nonstick cookware set, these are a great way to do it. They are affordable and if it breaks in one or two year, you can just replace it. Just don’t get any expectation that it will last forever.

I hope you like this Farberware Neat Nest Cookware Set Review, If you would like to see more, please visit our Pots and Pans Review page.

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