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Sambonet Terra Cotto Cookware Review

Sambonet TerraCotto Cookware is certainly one of the most unique and stylish cookware around. The company makes a wide range of products from flat ware to serving ware. Their product is looks more focused around style and decor. But the question is, how exactly is their cookware? Is it all just looks and no function. This review will take a closer look at how they designed their cookware.

Sambonet TerraCotto Cookware Quick Summary

Sambonet TerraCotto Cookware
ColorsRange of Colors
Brand AwarenessEurope
Country of ManufacturerItaly
ThoughtsMore pretty than functional. The handles are useless and its a accident waiting to happen. If you really want a cookware from this line, I recommend getting The Casserole. I recommend getting an alternative lid though.
Reviewed CookwareSAMBONET Dutch Oven

Tall vs Short Dutch Oven

The french uses tall stock pot to control the temperature of stocks. A stock that boils at 212 will give it a very dark stock. While a stock that is simmered at 190-200 will give it a clean clear broth. While most people do not need this type of control, it does serve a function. However, the issue is that its not really necessary in a dutch oven. Usually the height of the dutch oven is too short to provide any sort of benefit.

The average home cook will actually benefit more from a wider base pot. This lets them cook food in less batches. It also makes it easy to stir and maneuver food. For all intents and purpose, a wider dutch oven is better.

Sambonet TerraCotto Cookware Design


Yea, its not looking good for them. These are some of the worst designed handles I have ever saw. It is squared with sharp corners. The clearance is almost non existent giving your hand no room to grip it. You would basically be holding the pot by the tip of your fingers. Imagine carry 4-5 qts of liquid with your fingers. It is a disaster waiting to happen. The lid handle also has no opening. How exactly are you suppose to get a grip on it. I can just imagine holding it with a towel and it dropping on your feet. I would be very careful if I was cooking with this pot.


The shape of their dutch oven is more tall than wide. This just makes it difficult to cook stew in. Expect to sear meat in multiple batches. If you dont, food will steam instead of sear. You need a good maillard reaction to develop depth of flavor. This pot just makes it difficult.

The casserole is a slightly better design. I would say this would work better as a dutch oven than their actual dutch oven. It is wide but short in height. You can use it for braising and making stews. I recommend this over their dutch oven.


I think this is one of the best features of their pot. The colors are very unique. It looks like the colors that Native American tribe uses. From their yellow to their teal, it is all simply beautiful. For this reason, I think these cookware are meant more for home decor than cooking. I certainly wouldn’t mind having this on my shelf, especially a full set of it.

Cast Iron or Ceramic

There seems to be two version of the TerraCotto, ceramic and cast iron. I recommend that you stick with the cast iron purely for durability. Ceramic cook and bake are simply too fragile. You do not want to loose that one hundred dollar investment based on a simple accident. Not only that, cast iron can hold heat better. If you intend to serve with the pot, cast iron is the way to go. It will stay hot on the serving table.

Sambonet TerraCotto Cookware Thoughts

Its pretty but not really functional. It seems like the thought process behind this cookware was lets make it look good. Then functionality comes second. The handles are pretty much useless. You wont get a good grip on a hot pan. Be prepared for spilled liquid. The lid handle is also pretty much useless. I would just use this as a decorative piece, not for actual cooking. If you really want it, go for the casserole. I would say that one is actually usable. It is wide with a tallish sidewall. You can cook stews or braise with it. I would probably use a alternative lid.

I hope you found this Sambonet TerraCotto Cookware Review to be informative, If you would like to see more, please visit our Pots and Pans Review page.

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