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Stansport Cookware Set Review

Stansport cookware set is designed and made for camping. From the lightweight construction to the modular handle, it is meant to be compact and transportable. However, with these type of compromise, issues tend to arise. Most notably is the flimsy handle and the dis bottom construction. This review will take a closer look at the design and features of Stansport Cookware Set (Stainless Steel).

Stansport Cookware Set Review Quick Summary

STANSPORT – Heavy Duty 7-Piece Stainless Steel Clad Cookware Set
CompatibilityCharcoal, Fire, Wood, induction, electric…
ColorsStainless Steel
Brand AwarenessAmerica
Country of ManufacturerChina
ThoughtsA great compact cookware set for camping. The best feature is the nesting capability. It saves a lot of room for camping and rv. For what it is its good. But the flimsy handle and construction makes me question the durability of it.
Reviewed CookwareSTANSPORT – Heavy Duty 7-Piece Stainless Steel Clad Cookware Set

History of Stanport

There is little to no information available about the company. Their logo states that they have been around since 1949. It is a privately held company with no information other than that. They have a video about them that just shows a bunch of people camping. Not really helpful at all. Nevertheless, they seem to be focused on the camping crowd. They provide a wide range of gear from cookware, burner and even glow sticks.

Stansport Cookware Set (Stainless Steel) Design

This section will discuss the the design and construction of Stansport Cookware Set. We will go over handle, shape and overall performance.


In the cookware set, 4 out of the 5 pots uses a modular plastic handle. While this saves space and weight, the handle is flimsy and a major issue. If you so happen to either loose that handle or break it, then you just have a bunch of cylinders. Furthermore, it doesn’t feel very secure as opposed to a fixed rivet. If anything, one of those wire loops that surround the pot will be better. At least you can replace those easily.

The one pot that actually does have a handle looks to be spot welded. While a weld can be strong, the surface area on that one looks very small. I question how long this thing will hold up.


The shape of the cookware is not bad. It is designed to be nested. This takes up less retail space and makes it easier to transport. The sauce pots are also more wide than tall. This lets you sear more food at once, reducing overall cooking time. On the pots there are rolled lip that lets you pour liquid easily. Overall, a pretty well designed set.

Construction and Disc Bottom

The cookware is made of 18/10 stainless steel. It is thin and feel very flimsy. I doubt these will survive much abuse. The bottom has a disc to increase overall weight and performance. This helps you when you sear food. Pots are too thin will loose heat fast. Having said that, disc bottom cookware are generally junk and not very durable. They tend to delaminate and break. Not only that, they have heat spot issue. Since the base is thicker than the side, the sides will tend to scorch. Overall, I would have preferred a slightly more thick pot than a disc bottom. This will improve the durability of the cookware.

Going the other way would also be better. Make it very thin and light. Just use the pots as a container to hold food. The flame from the campfire should be strong enough to heat up anything you would need.

Another problem is the lid. Why is there only one? I guess the other dont need to be covered. If anything, just get the biggest pot and leave the rest home. This will reduce the overall weight of your gear. You would only really need the whole set if you have a rv or motor home.

Stansport Cookware Set Stainless Steel Thoughts

Overall, they are good for a RV home and camping. However, if you compare this with a standard home cook, they are junk. Luckily, they are pretty affordable and compact. It wont really break the bank if it breaks. The only thing I would worry about is the handle. I would buy a campfire tong and just do without the handle. That flimsy handle would just annoy me really.

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