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The Perfect Fried Egg

There seems to be a lot of guides online that claim to make The Perfect Fried Egg. However, all those eggs seems to be misshapen and lack the classical crispy exterior and round shape. The center needs to be just cooked with the egg yolk runny.
What is missing is not their technique but rather the equipment. I happen to be blessed with a miniature copper frying pan that I found on Ebay. It is 3 mm thick and quite heavy for its size.
What this pan does is that it maintains a perfectly round shape, yet maintains enough heat to fry the outer edge of the egg. The goal is to have enough heat to essentially deep fry the bottom and outer edge of the egg.

But I don’t have the Perfect Fried Egg Pan!?

My particular pan is very difficult to find, but there are many substitute online that will work just fine. Remember the main goal is to maintain its shape and hold enough heat to deep fry it. Luckily, lodge makes a miniature pan with similar dimension. It has a 5 inch diameter which is slightly larger than mines but suitable for the job. You just need to get a bigger egg.

How to make the perfect fried egg!

You have the pan but how do you make the perfect fried egg??? Remember this is more about equipment than technique, but nothing is that simple so I have a few very simple steps to make this egg.
1) Fill the pan with oil so that it covers the bottom.
2) Turn up the heat up all the way.
3) Once the oil is heated up crack a Large-XL egg in and watch the magic happen!
4) As soon as the center is cooked, its done. If you have trouble getting the yolk in the center cooked, you can swirl the oil around the top to heat that portion.
4) Voila, enjoy The Perfect Fried Egg.

Technique Discussion

1)The reason why eggs never get the nice crispy exterior is simply due to the lack of oil and heat. By filling the pan with oil you are deep frying the egg. The raised temperature cause steam to be released and the bubbled exterior fry and become crispy.
2) By using a properly sized pan, a perfectly round shape is maintained. A egg that is large enough to fill the pan is important here. There are round mold that some restaurant use but those usually cause issues with leaking. A properly sized pan is better.
3) Usually the amount of oil and heat will be enough to cook the egg all the way through. In certain instance where this does not happen, swirling the hot oil to the top will cook it through. Another option is to cover the pan with a lid.

What else can I make with The Perfect Fried Egg

Avocado Toast with Egg Recipe

You know avocado toast??? Millennial cannot live without that, neither can you. I am going to give you my secret avocado toast recipe.

Avocado Toast with Egg Ingredients

1) 1 Avovado
2) Minced Garlic
3) Salt and Pepper to taste
4) Lime Juice to taste
5) A slice of good Sourdough Bread.

Avocado Toast with Egg Direction

1) Grab a griddle and heat up the slice of toast with a drizzle of olive oil until brown.
2) Salt the bread after its browned.
3) Grab the rest of the ingredients and smash it all in a bowl.
4) Spread the Avocado on the Toast then slide the egg on top of it.

You know have my super secret avocado toast recipe. Ain’t you lucky???

What, Avocado toast not good enough for you? How about a rip off Egg McMuffin recipe. Guess what, the shape of the egg that you made earlier is perfect for this rip off recipe.

Rip Off Egg McMuffin Recipe

Guess what, this recipe is even easier than the Avocado Toast recipe. All you have to do is the build it. Gather the ingredient, fry it then build it.

Rip Off Egg McMuffin Recipe Ingredients

1) Egg McMuffin
2) A knob of Butter
3) A sausage patty
4) The Perfect Fried Egg

Rip Off Egg McMuffin Direction

1) Grab a toaster and the Egg McMuffin.
2) Put the butter on it.
3) Fry that Sausage
4) Assemble the San.dwich with Patty first then the egg.
5) Add Salt and Pepper as Necessary.

That’s it, simple right? Now go make that Rip Off Egg McMuffin.

I hope you enjoy the perfect fried egg tutorial, for more recipe, visit our Recipe Page.

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