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All Clad D3 Curated Cookware Review

Imagine my surprise when I saw that All Clad came out with a new line called All Clad D3 Curated Cookware. These line of cookware is supposedly made exclusively for crate and barrel and it has no association with CuratedCook.Com. It comes with a updated more ergonomic handle. The shape of the skillet is also different from your standard All Clad Skillet. This review will go through the design features of this new line of cookware. Hopefully, this will help you differentiate this from their mainline cookware.

All Clad Curated D3 Fully Cladded

The cladding design looks to be identical to All Clad main line of D3 cookware. What that means is that it has three layers. The outer and inner layer is made of stainless steel. While the inner core is made from a heat conductive aluminum alloy. This lets you get the heat properties of aluminum, without the reactive nature of aluminum. While this line is usually considered to be one of All Clad budget line, it still performs brilliantly. Their other line like d5 uses more layers to increase the mass and improve heat retention. While it is better in some aspect, for the everyday cook, the d3 line suits their need just fine. Whether you should shell out the extra cash for those line is up to you.

All Clad D3 Curated Cookware Design

This section will talk primarily about the skillet design. Out of all the different cookware, it seems to be most changed.


While some might think this handle design is new, to me, it looks exactly the same design from their LTD and C4 line. Instead of the skinny sharp edge handle, it is more plump and rounded. While this does improve comfort, I still think the handle from the Thomas Keller line to be superior. After a while, using this handle still cause my hand fatigue.
The good thing about this handle design is the grip that it gives you. The two rounded edges grips your hand and lets you turn the pot with ease.


They should have kept the old design. It was simply perfect for tossing turning and cooking. This design looks very similar to that of Falk Skillet. It is a hybrid between a saute and frying pan. This design is good for keeping food in the pan and retaining moisture. But if I wanted something that performs that way, I would get a saute pan.
This is actually one of the biggest issue that I had with Falk’s Frying pan. A true frying pan should promote evaporation and turn food with ease. It was a bad choice to divert from All Clad’s perfect skillet shape.


On the standard version of the d3 line, the finish is polished. While on the D3 curated cookware version, it has a brushed finish. This is actually a better design if you plan on using it long term. The pan will eventually get scratched and that polished finish will lose its luster. With a brushed finish, it will look like its part of the design. Its perfect for those who want a low maintenance cookware.

Stackable, Nesting and Space Saving?

One of the biggest issue that I have with cookware is the space that it takes. If you cant stack the cookware, it will eventually fill up your cabinets in no time. So it is good news that they have decided to design the cookware to be stackable. Howver, I dont see it. It just seems like the diameter of the base is just small enough so that it can go on top of another. Unless thats what they mean by nesting cookware. A curated selection of sizes that can be stacked. I mean, in that sense, they aren’t lying. But really, you can do it yourself.

All Clad D3 Curated Cookware Thoughts

The All Clad d3 curated cookware is pretty well thought out. The handle is more comfortable and the brush design keeps maitance low. It is definitely better than the standard d3 version. However, I recommend that you go with the standard skillet version instead. The skillet tries too much to be like a saute pan when it should be a frying pan. As of now, the only place that you can buy it is at All Clad or Crate and Barrel.

I hope you found this All Clad D3 Curated Cookware Review to be informative, If you would like to see more, please visit our Pots and Pans Review page.

3 Comments on “All Clad D3 Curated Cookware Review

John Browning
June 22, 2022 at 4:10 pm

Are lids available for Curated 3 non-stick 10 and 8 inch skillets?

Monique Etchevers
July 25, 2023 at 2:09 pm

I purchased an All Clad D3 Compact 4.5 qt. saute pan. It is has two handles. But….. it burns. It has a hot spot that burns. It does not brown meat nicely like my other 12 inch skillets. I cannot return it. Any suggestion on how to saute in it. I purchased it because of its size and planned for it to go from cooktop to table.

Curated Cook
July 25, 2023 at 8:45 pm

Usually when it has a hot spot, its an issue with the stove top burner. Try a different burner to see if you have the same problem.

If it is indeed the pan, then try heating it up on low heat. Once its up to temperature then turn up the heat. This should even out any hot spots.

If you’re talking about the handle, then I recommend just using a towel and wrapping it. There might be some silicone covering available.


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