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Best Copper Cleaner for Pots

Copper is one of the best material you can use for cooking. However, it is also one of the most high maintenance cookware out there. So a lot of people ask, what is best copper cleaner for pots and pans? There are various home method such as ketchup or salt and vinegar, or even baking soda. All of those works, but none seems to work as well as a Dedicated Copper Cream Cleaner. The one that I buy is called Wrights Copper Cream, it is cheap and effective. This review will go through how to use the copper cream to clean your pots as well as some precaution.

How to Use Wright’s Copper Cream Cleaner

Using a copper cream cleaner is pretty simple.
1) Clean the dust, gunk or debris from the pan. Use hot soapy water as necessary.
2) Grab the copper cream and coat the pot or pan with the cream.
3) Let it sit for a minute or two.
4) Rinse it off and then dry it with a towel. Use a separate dry towel to buff it. If you skip this step, streaks will form on the pan.

Precaution when using copper cleaner

Pretty simple right? Some things that you should be aware of is that these creamer tends to take part of the copper with it. If you manage to touch the creamer that just touch copper onto the cast iron or brass handle, they will take on a copper color. While it may seem cool now, it has a rusting affect. I recommend that you either cover or avoid the cast iron handle. You do not want to deal with the rust on the cast iron handle.

If you do manage to get some rust on cast iron, you can use a rust eraser to simply erase it off. Coat it with oil and heat it up to bake on the oil. This will prevent it from rusting in the future.

Should you Polish Copper?

That depends on what you use it for. If its mainly a showpiece item, then yes, polishing copper is pretty important. However, if you plan on actually cooking with it, the patina will form regardless of what you do. In fact, its actually better to leave the patina on. A shiny reflective copper will reflect heat. Hence, it will not be as effective as a copper with patina on it. Not to mention it will be a huge hassle to clean it everyday. Since I have a huge collection of copper cookware, I need to keep copper creams and cleaner on hand.

Mirror Finish

A note about mirror finish on copper. After you use it a couple of times, the finish will dull and get scratch. You will not be able to get that mirror finish back unless you use a rotary buffer. You might be able to do it by hand but you’re going to use a lot of elbow grease. Eventually you are going to hate the copper pot, so I recommend to either get a rotary buffer or just use the cream as a cleaner. Otherwise you will be wasting your time.

Mauviel Copper Cleaner

What about Mauviel Copper Brill. It works about the same for 4 times the cost. You are more than welcome to buy it and try it. But in my experience, there is little difference between the two. I would rather use the money saved to buy more copper cookware, but thats just me.

I hope you find my article on the Best Copper Cleaner for Pots to be helpful, please visit the Article page for more!

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