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Best Dosa Pan

What is the Best Dosa Pan to make dosa? Usually, you want something that is large and flat. Like other crepe pan, the lip should be low or non existent. You want something so that you can easily flip and move in a spatula. For that reason, you should not use a traditional frying pan to do so. In the states, there are not a lot of dedicated dosa pan. Luckily, there are some existing pans that will work just as well for making dosa.

What is a Dosa?

A dosa is a indian style of crepe. Instead of flour, a dosa uses rice and black gam as its base. They typically have a crucnhy texture and is typically eaten savory. If you go to india, almost any restraunt will serve dosa. They are usually filled with a savory filling like potato, onion, tomato and more. The most popular one is called Masala Dosa which is typically served with chutney and sambar.

One of the most striking feature of it is how big it is. Unfortunately, its mostly air so dont think you are getting that great of a value. But there is no doubt on how delicious it is.

Best Dosa Pan List

Below, you will find a list of some of the best dosa pan. You should pick one that suits your need the best.

Lodge 14 inch Bake Pan (Cast iron)

Lodge Cast Iron Baking Pan is perfect for making dosa. It has a 14 inch diameter so that you can make that giant dosa. The lip is low so that you can move and flip the dosa with ease. The one issue is that cast iron is a poor conductor of heat. To get around this, I recommend that you heat it on low heat. After a while, the heat will propagate around the pan giving it a even heat distribution.

De Buyer Crepe Pan (Carbon Steel)

The crepe pan is made for french crepe. However, it will work just as well for dosa. However, they are not as big as a traditional dosa. If you are willing to make a smaller dosa, these are the way to go. They are lighter and will develop a nonstick coating. The long handle also makes it easier to maneuver on the stove top. I recommend that you get the 12 inch pan. The lip takes up a bit of the diameter. The larger area lets you get a bigger dosa. Just remember to heat up the pan properly before cooking.

Futura DT-30 (Non Stick)

Futura nonstick pan is the only dedicated dosa pan. The built quality is not as good but it is purpose made. There is no lip so it makes flipping and making the dosa even easier. The nonstick coating ensures that your dosa wont tear. Overall if you plan on making dosa once in a while, this is the way to go.

What to look for a in a Dosa Pan

There are a few material that comes in a dosa pan. They range from cast iron to nonstick. By far the most important thing is the shape of the pan. It will affect how easy it is to cook.


As stated before, you want a pan that has little to no lip. Having a high sidewall will just make your life difficult. You need to be able to flip the dosa without any issue. Therefore having a pan with zero to no lip is better.

As for the size, a traditional dosa are usually massive. As such, you want to get a pan that is as big as possible. I recommend getting something that is at least 14 inch. It is possible to use a smaller one, but you wont get that same big flair of a traditional dosa pan.


There are three type of pan you should consider. Cast Iron, Carbon Steel and nonstick. Cast Iron and Carbon steel both perform similarly. They will develop a nonstick coating overtime and will get better with use. The cooks in india uses these type of pan for cooking. The only difference you should be concern of is the weight. If cast iron is too heavy, then a carbon steel pan might be easier for you to use.

The nonstick pan is the easiest to use. However, the coating will last about a year or two before it fails. When that time comes, you have to replace it. Whether this is worth it to you or not depends on your skill set. I personally prefer the cast iron, they will basically last forever.


The handle is not that important. In these situation, all you need it to do is to sit on the stove top. A two loop handle will make it easier for you to transport.

Best Dosa Pan Thoughts

These are some of the best dosa pan on the market. While there arent very much purpose made dosa pan, there are many alternative that will work just as well. The main thing to look for is a nonstick pan and a low lip. Generally try to get one as big as possible. You can always make it smaller but not bigger.

I hope you like this Best Dosa Pan Article, If you would like to see more, please visit our Pots and Pans Review page.

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