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Best Popover Pans

Pop Overs are a fantastic airy desert. They feel and taste light so you dont feel guilty eating it. What makes them so light is steam. They use the rapid expansion of steam to help make them rise and popover. If done incorrectly, then what you are left left is a small blob of dough. The exact opposite of a popover. The Best Popover Pans will conduct heat fast enough to increase your chance of success.

What is a Popover Pan?

A popover pan looks very much like a Muffin Pan. In fact, you can use it as a substitute in a pinch. However, true popover pan has a narrow but tall base. This concentrate the steam into a smaller area causing it to rise more. As a result, you get more of a pop, from your popover.

Different Material

Traditional popover pans uses cast iron. They are the tried and true popover pan. However, modern version of these pans are actually a better alternative. Contrary to what most people believe, cast iron are poor conductor of heat. What they are good at is hold heat. If you want something that will bake fast and really shoot up the popover, you want a aluminum or aluminum/steel pan. They are some of the best conductor of heat. These pans are usually coated with a nonstick finish, darker one will get you better results.

If you already have a cast iron popover pan, they what I recommend you do is preheat the pan. This way when you bake it, its already up to temperature.

Silicone Popover Pans are generally not recommended due to its poor heat conductivity. You simple wont get as much of a rise as the metal counterpart.

Popover Sticking

Another common issue that people face is simple sticking. You open the oven and there sits a perfectly popped over popover. Then you go and remove it, disaster, it wont come out and its starting to deflate. Yea, what a disappointment.

The best way to combat this is to use a nonstick pan. While they do have a wear life, you really cant beat the nonstick performance. Cast Iron is also a good choice, it will never reach the level of slickness that teflon provide.

In either cases, I recommend that you great the pan liberally. This will ensure your best chance of success. Silicone are probably the easiest to unmold but I generally dont recommend them.

Best Popover Pans List

Below, you will find a list of some of the Best Popover Pan on the market. They come in a few different configuration, get the one that best suits your need.

Nordic Ware Grand Popover, 6 Cavaties (Best Overall)

Nordic Ware is a American based cookware manufacturer. They specialize in scandanavian cookware and they were the inventor of the Bundt Pan. This Popover pan makes large sized popover for a nice big bite. This model uses aluminum for excellent heat conductivity and the nonstick coating makes sure nothing sticks. What makes this so special is that this pan is casted and not stamped like the other cheaper models.

Bellemain 6 Cup Nonstick Popover Pan (Best Buy)

While Nordic Ware is a great buy, they are expensive. This model by Bellemain is a great and affordable alternative. It uses a nonstick coating and has a steel construction for moderate heat conductivity. Unlike the casted model, this one is welded together. While it doesn’t have the durability of the casted one, it will do the job.

Nordic Ware Cast Aluminum Petite Popover Pan (Best for Mini Popover)

Whats better than popover, mini popover. Nordic ware again brings the same great quality is smaller form. Great if you have a bigger family and you want to limit the portion size. However, I do recommend that you adjust the recipe. Since the cavity is smaller, so will be the baking time.

Fox Run 4756 Linking Mini Popover Pan (Best Buy for Mini Popover)

For a cheaper alternative Fox Run has a more simple model. It doesnt use aluminum like nordic ware but the steel construction should do the job. I recommend that you preheat prior to filling. It will help you get the best result. This model has a total of 12 cavity, for the perfect dozen.


Getting the Best Popover Pan will give you the best result. Usually aluminum nonstick variety are the preferred choice. However, cheaper models like those with carbon steel are a good alternative. They are cheaper and will generally do the job. Just be sure to preheat them. You have the option of the standard size model or the miniature. I like either one, but just change your baking time accordingly. You want the popover to be creamy inside, not burnt.

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