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Hawaiian Spam Recipe

In the state of Hawaii, there exist one meat that triumphs over all. Hormel Hawaiian Spam have become one of the most prized and eaten food. This food was first developed in the early 1900 to make food more readily accessible to the general american public. Their fame was bolstered throughout the world during the war. Hormel Spam was used to feed soldiers and it was often given to locals to eat. From there the name Hormel Spam spread. Given its long rich history, Hawaii have developed a number of different recipe to match the taste of the local. One of the most famous dish is Spam Musubi which is a sushi like dish with spam. Another famous one is fried rice with spam. The salty meat of spam pairs well with blander food like rice and egg. Below, you will find recipes on how to make these different dishes.

Hawaiian Spam Musubi Recipe

Hawaiian Spam Musubi is something that is not often seen in states outside of Hawaii. However, new and upcoming restaurant like One Ono have started introducing dishes like this other part of America. The general dish itself is very simple and can be made at home. You only really need three key ingredients.


1) Sliced Spam
2) Short Grain Rice
3) Nori Seaweed
4) Optional Soy Sauce


1) To make this dish, shape the rice into a rectangular like shape.
2) Season the rice lightly with soy sauce if you like.
3) Grill the Sliced Spam and put it on top of the Rice.
4) Wrap the Nori Seaweed around the stacked rice and spam.

Why the Hawaiian Spam Musbui Works

The reason why this dish work is because of the Balance in Flavor. The extremely salty spam and the bland rice gives it a nice contrast in flavor. The Nori seaweed holds the dish together and gives it a slight flavor contrast.

I hope you like this Hawaiian Spam Recipe, for more recipe, visit our Recipe Page.

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[…] fast. One of my favorite way is to just wrap it in rice. If you have some spam, you can make some musubi. Musubi is a Hawaiian rice roll with spam. It is quite popular and considered a national dish. The […]


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