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Healthiest and Safest Cookware Set

What is the Healthiest and Safest Cookware Set? This questions comes up a lot and its understandable. With your pan flaking and the news blaring warning about cancer, we are bound to worry. Luckily, most things are not as dangerous as they seem. Most of the time the news outlet are just trying to get rating. With that in mind, there are some truth to what they report. This article will get down to nitty and gritty of it and give you a list of cookware that is both healthy and Safe.

Green, PFOA and PTFE Free?

It seems like everything these days are green and healthy. From our electric car to our cookware. When you see ceramic cookware that claim they are Green, they really mean environmentally friendly. When they produce cookware, they do not use a environmentally harmful chemical that is PFOA. This Chemical can cause cancer and a whole variety of other issues. However, what they dont tell you is that PFOA wont actually end up in your cookware.

Dangers of Teflon?

PTFE is actually Teflon. They just use that because most people are afraid of chemicals. However, there is some truth to the dangers of PTFE. Namely, the fumes that emit. If you accidentally overheat teflon, it can release fumes that cause flu like symptoms. This is known as Teflon Flu. While unlikely to be deadly to humans, it has been known to kill birds.

Although the fumes is scary, the temperature (572 Degree Fahrenheit) at which fumes is released is much higher than what we normally cook at. If you reached that temperature, it is usually due to someone leaving the pan on the heat with no food. Other than that, if you have food in the pan, its probably wont reach that temperature.

Another fear that people have about Teflon is when it starts flaking. I always get ask question whether its safe. For the most part, yes its safe. PTFE, is chemically inert and it should past right through your body without affecting you.

Is Green Better?

To get around these dangers, manufacturer will either omit or only use part of the chemical to make their cookware. But the issue is that these cookware tend to be horrible. They crack and wear fast. The nonstick finish and durability will only last a few use before you have to replace it. While it is green, you are getting a inferior product.

Chemical Free Cookware?

Luckily, there are cookware that requires no Chemical Coating. Theses are usually stamped out pan like the one All Clad make. Or casted metal the one Lodge makes.

Cast Iron Cookware

Cast Iron Cookware uses no chemical coating in their manufacturing. How they make it is via a sand mold. They pour molten hot iron into the mold and the result is a freshly made pan.

While bare cast iron does rust, if you season it, it will act as a protective barrier. But there is another more important benefit. It will become more nonstick as you use. You do not have to worry about fumes nor about any ingestion of Teflon. Since seasoning is basically used oil, you are unlikely to die from any cancer or fumes. As for the rust, if it forms, you can just remove it with some sand paper. It is not too difficult to re season it.

There are many different manufacturer of Cast Iron Cookware. The most famous one is Lodge. They offer one of the best value and performing cookware on the market. There are other artisinal maker of cast iron, but I recommend you stick with lodge. You simply cant beat their price and its made in America.

Fully Cladded Cookware

Fully Cladded Cookware are a combination of different metal. The Inner is usually stainless steel because it does not react with acidic food. To make it, they usually stamp it with a hydraulic press to shape it. The handles are typically just riveted on. There is no coating that is applied to the interior unless the manufacturer did it on purpose. This is the safest of all the cookware out there. However, it is also one of the most difficult to use. Stainless Steel Cookware are prone to sticking. Unless you are experienced with cooking in it, you will have some difficulties.

Which Type of Cookware should you buy?

That depends on you. If you are not experienced with Stainless Steel, you might consider cast iron. They hold a lot of heat and is pretty much indestructible. With use, it will only get better and better. The only downside is the rust. If you have iron sensitivity, you might want to consider stainless steel.

Stainless Steel cookware uses no chemical and its the preferred choice of professional Chef. They generally cost more than cast iron and they stick a lot. However, they are also indestructible like cast iron and perform a lot better.

Below, I have a list of the best cookware in each category. These set are safe and healthy and should not cause you any issues at all.

Lodge Cookware Set

Lodge Cookware Set
Country of ManufacturerUSA
Oven Safe TemperatureUnspecified, pretty high though
CompatibilityGas, Electric, Halogen, Glass Top, Induction
Health ConcernPossible issues with Rust. You can mitigate it by keep it seasoned.
MaterialBare Cast Iron
ThoughtsLodge is one of the oldest manufacturer of Cast Iron Cookware. The finish is chemical free and there is no environmental pollutant during manufacturing. You can buy this set conscience free. You are not contributing to the world carbon food print. The only possible health concern is rust. But if you keep it seasoned, it wont form.
Reviewed CookwareLodge Seasoned Cast Iron 5 Piece Bundle. 10.5” Griddle, 8” Skillet, 10.25” Skillet, 10.25” Dutch Oven, and 10.25” Lid

All Clad D3 Cookware Set

All Clad D3 Cookware Set
Country of ManufacturerUSA
Oven Safe Temperature600 degrees Fahrenheit
CompatibilityGas, Electric, Halogen, Glass Top, Induction
Health ConcernNo Health Concerns
MaterialFully Cladded Triply Stainless and Aluminum
ThoughtsMade in the USA, they are the safest and healthiest cookware out there. Only issue is the price and the stainless interior. It takes some practice to learn how to cook on it. But if you can look past that, they are one of the best performing cookware on the market.
Reviewed CookwareLodge Seasoned Cast Iron 5 Piece Bundle. 10.5” Griddle, 8” Skillet, 10.25” Skillet, 10.25” Dutch Oven, and 10.25” Lid

Healthiest and Safest Cookware Set Thoughts

While other cookware are fine, if you truly want a chemical free cookware, these sets are the way to go. They have limitations so its best to find one that suits your need. If you do not have experience with stainless steel, cast iron is great to learn on. However, for the true chef, I recommend that you go with All Clad.

I hope you like this Healthiest and Safest Cookware Set article, If you would like to see more, please visit our Pots and Pans Review page.

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