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Is Chinese Food Bad for You?

Is Chinese food bad for you? It depends on where you get it. I found the article on the major journal to be absolutely hilarious. They are claiming that Chinese restaurant are very bad and it has more sodium that you can take. I bet that if you do the same study on a standard american restaurant you will get the same if not worse results. They are just using those headlines to get more views.

This is the same type of tactic that got so many people scared of MSG. MSG is not actually bad for you, but rather a prank by a person called Howard steel. He assumed the identity of a Chinese doctor Robert Ho Man Kwok and faked a letter to the New England Journal of medicine. You can read more about “Chinese Restraunt Syndrom” on Wikipedia.

Chinese Food High in Fat

One thing that is true is that a good portion of Chinese dish is deep fried. This is a standard procedure when preparing most Cantonese dishes. However, if you deep fry food at the correct temperature, the oil uptake of the food is actually really low. But lets assume that most of the food is full of fat. The good thing about fat is that it adds flavor to food. The second thing is that it keeps you full longer. Even though it feels like you would gain weight from eating fatty food, in the long run, you will come out ahead.
In contrast to a lot of American food, it is loaded with sweet. The high sugar content of food is actually due to another misguided journal article by Harvard scientist. They were paid to try and discredit fatty food and promote sugar. The end result is the diabetes epidemic that we have now. People were a lot healthier back in the early 1900’s. You can read about the whole Sugar Association fiasco at wikipedia. This will give you a better idea on how media affects your perception of food.

Losing Weight with Chinese Food and Keto

One fact is true about Chinese food is that it is loaded with carb. If you are not careful, you can intake too many sugar. This is bad for those who are diabetic or are one the Keto Diet. In general, just try to avoid things with rice and noodles. You can eat dishes such are Roasted Pork, Peking Duck, Siu Mai, Gai Lan, etc…Just stick with food that makes sense. You can definitely lose weight with Chinese food, you just have to be selective with it. A billion thin Chinese people cant be wrong.

Catering your Diet

I would say that Chinese food has its good and bad like any food. If you eat too much of one thing, it can be bad for you. However, if you balance your diet, I dont see how it would be bad for you. Eat with moderation and try not to gorge yourself on the overly sweet food. Although I have been guilty of doing it.

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