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Tofu Pudding Dou Hua (豆腐花)

Tofu Pudding is soft silken tofu with a sweet caramel liquid that is poured on top. It is known as Dou Fu Hua (豆腐花) in Chinese, but some call it Dou Hua. Tofu Pudding is typically eaten at breakfast or as a quick snack, you can find this dish all throughout Asia. In Asia, the old aunties will be carrying two buckets with two sticks on their shoulder. All you need to do is hail them and they will sell it to you.

Tofu Pudding Dou Hua

Tofu Pudding Variations

The taste of this dish varies based on the region that you visit. Northern China will have a more savory flavor. In the south of China, the Cantonese version with a sweet ginger sauce is most popular.


Because of the large immigrant population from GuangDong, this version can be found throughout most of North America. Counties in South East Asia also serve this version because of the close proximity to GuangDong.
In Taiwan, some version will have eggs and Chocolate mixed in. Sesame paste can even be found in some variations.


In the northern region of China, this dish is called Tofu Brain. There are various different toppings that you can find such as Shredded Fungus, Cauliflower, shiitake mushroom, ginger and green onion.


SiChuan is known for their spicy food, as such have their own spicy version. It is more similar version to the one in the north and even serve this with rice. The call this Dou Dou Fan. Which basically means Bean Bean Rice.

Tofu Pudding Taste

Since you are more likely to find the Cantonese version in your local supermarket, here are some things that you can expect when eating it. DouHua is very light. The consistency is slightly thicker then water and you can to just slurp it. Although you can eat it by itself, the flavor will be very bland. It is recommended to eat the tofu with the sweet ginger sauce.

Where to Buy Tofu Pudding

Most but not all Asian Supermarket will carry DouHua. You can identify it by the two tier packaging that they have. On top, there is a clear brown sugar with ginger in it. The bottom portion will contain the tofu pudding. Usually, it will be wrapped in a single package and the lettering will say 豆腐花 on the front. It will cost around 3-5 dollar to buy it.

Coagulant used in Dou Hua

All Tofu Pudding is made with Coagulant. The type of Coagulant used will affect the flavor of the pudding.

Amaranth and Seaweed extract will make the tofu taste like soy milk. When heated, the tofu will melt back into a liquid form. DouHua made via this method needs to be eaten chilled.

Tofu Pudding Made with Gypsum will not melt when heated. You can find these version in shops that sells hot tofu pudding. Although both version are popular, I personally find a hot tofu pudding to be more flavorful.

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