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Ya Li Pear (白梨) The Chinese White Pear

Ya Li Pear (白梨) is a variety of pear that originated in Nortern China. It is said that these pears came from a hybridization of different plant species. These pears are usually in season from early fall through winter. The prices ranges for 1 – 2 lb per dollar, although it can change from different markets. The appearance and taste most resembles a Bosc Pear but its texture and water content is very different. Some might actually call Ya Li Pear a hybrid between an apple and a pear.

Ya Li Pear Taste and Texture

The taste can be described as a lighter version of a bosc pear with a texture of a light apple. Because of its high water content, its very juicy. The sweetness of the pear can vary depending on how ripe it was picked. If you happen to eat one that is not sweet, then you were just unlucky. Try again, you will be pleasantly surprised by its taste.
The Korean Pear and other type of Asian Pear shares similarities, but those are usually massive and its taste is more strong like a bosc pear. Think of those like a Bosc Pear with the texture of the Ya Li Pear. I personally find the Ya Li Pear to be better.

Appearance and Bruising

Asian people love giving fruits as presents to other people. That is why in Japan and some region of China, you can find fruits that cost upward to 100 dollar or more. However, this doesn’t really affect its taste. The Ya Li Pear, have a predisposition to bruise and turn black easily. That is why, all the pear that you find are individually wrapped in those white cellophane wrapper. People who receive these pears as gifts, would rather have the fruit in Pristine condition.
I would assume that even in the American market, most would prefer a perfectly unblemished fruit, but the Asian community are more picky about this.

Picking the Ya Li Pear

Picking the right pear can be a little difficult. There is no sure fire way to tell if its ripe, just try to get one that is heavy for its size. Buy the fruit when its in season and the chances of getting one that is ripe is better. If you happen to be lucky and get a sweet one, you will be surprised at how it taste. One thing that I do notice is that if the batch of fruit is not sweet, then the rest of them are not sweet.
Most Chinese people will unwrap the cellophane to see the condition of the fruit. I personally do it as well, but its up to you whether its worth it to do so. You can use the wrapper as a means of protecting the fruit. Remember that they bruise and blacken very easily.

Ya Li Pear Uses

Most people just eat the fruit, however you can use it very readily in salads. Any salads that calls for a apple can be readily replaced with the pear. Use it primarily for its texture and taste. It will add a delicate crunch to the salad.
If you have a fruit juicer, you can extract the juice and make a light fruit drink. You can also do this to a batch of unripe pear, just add a little big of sugar to it.

Where to Buy

You can usually find these pears in Asian Supermarket. They are not as common in places like Ralphs or Alberston, but your chances of finding a korean pear there are higher. Interesting enough, you can find the seed of the pears in If you really want it, you can grow it yourself. You can also find the Korean Pear amazon for a Exuberant Price!


These pears are amazing and I recommend that you try it at least once. This hybrid pear is one of the best pear that I have eaten and I love it. I rank it as one of the best pear available.

I hope you find my article on the Ya Li Pear to be helpful, please visit the Article page for more!

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