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Best Cereal and Soup Spoon

Nothing is better on a cold night then a warm bowl of soup and a cold bowl of cereal on a hot morning. The problem is that standard soup just doesnt cut it. They dont hold a lot of liquid and it generally spill over. Getting a nice weighted spoon can make all the difference. Rounded edge, medium thickness and higher walls can change the experience of drinking soup. Dont believe me? Then try out some of the Best Cereal and Soup Spoon below. You will be surprised at what they can do.

Characteristic of a good Cereal and Soup Spoon

The first and most important thing of any cutlery is the feel. It has to have a nice weight to it. Nothing too heavy as it will be cumbersome to use but rather somewhere in between. Spoons that are slightly thick at around 1 mm are generally my preferred spoon.

Balance is also another factor. Its important to get a spoon where the balance is near the center. You do not want something that is either handle or front heavy. Trust me, it throws off the whole eating experience. In my early days I bought a heavy set of flatware thinking that it will be great. Turns out the heavy handle design made me not want to use it.

For any spoon, not just soup spoon, the edges should be softened and not cut your mouth. While the chance of you bleeding is low, it is still unpleasant for it to be sharp.

Next off is the grade of steel. Usually spoons that are 18/10 stainless steel are preferred. They do not rust nor do they impart a metallic taste to it. The problem is that flatware made of this grade of steel tend to be expensive. You will be surprised at how much people spend on flatware.

Plastic vs Stainless Steel vs Ceramic

In almost any Asian Restaurant, the spoons are plastic. In higher end Chinese restaurant the spoons will be made of ceramic. The reason why the lower end restaurant use plastic is due to cost. Since ceramic are more fragile and costly, constantly replacing them will be a financial burden. However, if you use a ceramic soup spoon, you will feel the difference. Not only do they take in the heat of the soup, it stays hot as well. Texture wise, its smooth and weighted perfectly.

If I were to compare a ceramic spoon to a metal one, I would say the ceramic spoons have a better mouth feel. Unfortunately, due to its fragile nature, I simply cannot recommend them. You will spend a lot more overall just trying to baby and replace them.

Asian Soup Spoon vs Western Soup Spoon

I think most people have seen the iconic Chinese Soup Spoon. If you ever go to a Pho Restaurant, you will see a stack of them on the side. It is shaped like a boat with a very sharp angle. There are even version with a hook on the side, that lets it latch onto the bowl without it sinking in. However, in my opinion, those are only good for those who are not use to eating noodle soup. But most people will benefit from it.

In terms of the difference, asian soup spoons are more suited for soups with noodles. For Asian noodles, noodles are meant to be paired with the soup. It can also use to scoop up food like wonton. It holds it in place with just enough liquid. Where as western type of soup spoon are either oval or a deep round bowl. These type of spoons are designed mostly to hold liquid. Solid food tends to be cut into chunks so they generally work well.

I would argue that these two spoons should be used accordingly. If you plan on eating a lot of noodle soup, then a Asian type of soup spoon might be better. However, for regular soups and liquid, a typical western soup spoon is perfect.

Best Soup Spoon List

Below, you will find a list of some of the best soup spoon on the market. Since there are different categories for spoon, I will list one for each category.

WMF Suppentassenlöffel Soup Spoon (Best Overall)

WMF is one of the Best Soup Spoon on the market. Its made of 18/10 stainless steel for rust resistant and easy cleaning. The design is simple and nicely weighted. There are no burrs on the edge and the bowls are nice and large. Great for holding liquid and other small chunks.

HIWARE Thick Heavy-Weight Soup Spoons (Best Buy)

While WMF is a good option, they can be a little expensive. Hiware is a great alternative, the spoon is a hybrid of asian spoon and western spoon. It uses a lower grade of steel at 18/8 and will generally not rust. The spoon is weighted and a decent thickness. The polish exterior is pleasing to look at and have a nice mouth feel.

Chinese Porcelain Soup Spoons (Best Ceramic Spoon)

For a simple and function spoon, this generic brand should serve your need. It even has a hook at the end to latch onto the bowl. You can use this at home or even at a restaurant.

Hiware 12-piece Asian Soup Spoons (Best Plastic Soup and Cereal Spoon)

Hiware modify version of the traditional asian soup spoon is both functional and durable. There are hooks on the end and on the bowl to keep it from falling in. The scoop is generous and should let you hold both dumpling, noodles and soup.


Most people think any spoon can be Cereal and Soup Spoon. For some that might be true, but little realize how big of an impact good spoons can do. Metal spoons are generally consider to be the best of class. Spoon using 18/10 stainless steel command high prices. However, spoon that uses lower grade can be a great affordable option. If you can deal with its fragility, a ceramic spoon is a good option. But for those who have destructive guest, a plastic spoon is a good option.

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November 7, 2022 at 11:23 am

You don’t put a soup spoon in your mouth. It’s meant to be brought to your lips like a little bowl.


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