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Best Spoons for Cooking

Spoons are one of the best utensils there is for cooking. They come in a wide variety of shape, design and material. While you might think all you need is one spoon, the material and shape will greatly affect its performance. For example, stainless steel spoon might be good, but it can damage nonstick pan. Wooden spoon is a great alternative but it does not have the flexibility of silicone. Therefore, choosing the right spoon for cooking really depends on your situation.

Best Metal Spoons for Cooking

OXO Brushed Stainless Spoon

Oxo Makes one of the Best Metal Spoon on the market. Its sleek design and brushed finish will match any kitchen. The slight texture will also help improve your grip if your hand is greasy. Since this metal is all metal, you can be sure that it will last a lifetime and its affordable to boot.

OXO Metal Slotted Spoon

If you are looking for a slotted version, then oxo still remains the best choice. It has nice and long slot for draining fat and liquids. It uses the same brush design as the other spoon for a sleek and functional appearance.

Best Wooden Spoon for Cooking

Wooden Spoons are a must have for any kitchen. They are the most traditional and safest spoon out there. You can use it either on stainless steel or nonstick pan. There are a few different woode out there. The most common are beech wood. However, if you want a bit of flair, consider a Olive Wood spoon. They are a great alternative.

OXO Wooden Spoon

OXO Wooden Spoon is made of a solid piece of wood. It has a slight corner so that you can scrape the corner of the pan. The tip is also slightly flat to help you get rid of any stuck on food. While the beech wood is durable, they can be a little bit rough to the mouth. Good thing is that you are not likely to be eating from it.

Staub Olive Wood

If you want a olive wood option, then staub makes a great spoon. The wood is smooth unlike beech wood. It also has a beautiful pattern compared to beech wood. The downside is the price and durability. In my experience, they are more susceptible to cracking.

Best Silicone Spoon for Cooking

If you want a spoon that is safe for nonstick and great for scraping sauces, then silicone is the way to go.

DI ORO Seamless Series 2

Di Oro is the best option for Silicone cooking spoon. They are stiff enough to scrape some food and soft enough to get all the sauce out. This set comes with both a slotted and solid option. The spoon is heat resistant up to 600 degree Fahrenheit, so its unlikely you will melt it. Best of all, it has a forever warranty. You really cannot go wrong with this model.

Cooking Spoons Material

There are a few different materials avaialble for cooking. They all have their pros and cons, the one you choose should depend on what you are trying to cook.

Metal Cooking Spoons

Metal Cooking spoons are the most durable out of the bunch. You will be hard press to damage it. Because of its durability, they are often thinner and hold more liquid than the other type of spoon. However, they are the worst choice to cook with a nonstick pan. A few scrapes can mean the death of your pan. These spoons should only be used in stainless steel lined cookware.

Another issue with this type of spoon is that they lack any flexibility. They have a difficult time getting into the corners of pans. You will also leave a lot of sauce behind.

I also caution against leaving a metal spoon in a hot pan. Since they are relatively good conductor of heat, they can get really hot. If you are not careful, you can burn yourself.

Wooden Spoons for Cooking

Wooden Cooking Spoons are a great alternative. If you want something rigid that can be safely used in a nonstick pan, then consider a wooden spoon. Since wood is a lot softer then metal, it is much less likely to scratch the coating. However, there are downsides to wooden spoons. They are not as durable as metal and they can take in off flavors. If you leave it soaking in water, they can crack. You can usually avoid this by drying it properly after each wash.

They also dont have any flexibility, you can leave a lot of food behind with a wooden spoon. Wooden Spoon works best with stainless steel or nonstick pan.

Silicone Spoon

Silicone spoon is a great alternative to either metal or a wooden spoon. They are perfect for scraping all the bits of food, leaving no waste. Most are made of high temp silicone so there is little chance of it melting. With that being said, its flexibility is also its downfall. Since its so soft, food that are really stuck on, will stay stuck on. You will have a tough time getting it off before it burns. This is primarily an issue when you are cooking with a stainless steel pan. But you can also experience issue with a nonstick pan.

Cooking Spoon Shape

There are two main type of cooking spoons, solid and perforated. The solid one is the most traditional, you should at least one in your kitchen. They are perfect for scooping food and transferring small amount of liquid. The slotted or perforated one are great when you want to drain the sauce or fat. They are great when you fry food and want to leave behind the grease. While a solid one can work, they bring a lot of fat to your food.

Some solid spoon has a little corner to help with the corners. You usually only find this design in the wooden spoon variety.

Best Spoons for Cooking Thoughts

There are a variety of cooking spoons out there. The one you choose should depend on your need. The must durable is the metal, but they cant be used in nonstick pan. Wooden are a great alternative but they arent as durable. They also lack the flexibility to get all the sauce. Silicone is a great medium, they are soft and flexible to get all the sauce. However, the flexibility means its poor at scraping in a stainless steel pan. Ultimately, its best if you have a option for all situation. But you should get one that pertains to your need.

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