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Best Plastic Kitchen Knives

Kitchen Knives are a essential tool in any kitchen. However, if you have young children or are just inexperienced with knives, plastic knives are a good alternative. While the cheap plastic disposable knives are generally unreliable, the one that you purchase from the store are substantially better. They use thicker plastic and has serrated edge for easy slicing.

What can you cut with Plastic Knives?

Softer food can generally be cutted with plastic knives. Things like furits, vegetables, pastries and sandwiches are easy to cut. However, meats and harder bread might not be suitable.

Can you Sharpen Plastic Knives

Since these knives are mostly serrated, you will have a difficult time sharpening. If you have a straight blade, it might be doable. The good thing is that even for serrated knives, you can do something to realign the edge.

Get a cardboard edge and place it slight towards you. Place the plastic knife on the bottom and push the blade towards the board. Then pull it up towards you. This should make the edge straight again. It will let you start cutting again.

Is it Safe for Kids?

Yes and no, its still possible to cut your skin with a plastic knife. However, its still a lot safer than a metal knife. These are the perfect training wheel for them.

Teach them safe practice when cutting knife. The best way to cut is with a claw grip. Use your non dominant hand and put it in a claw form. The dominant hand should should grip the knife with a pinch grip. When Chopping, the blade should always be in contact with claw grip. With practice, eventually they will develop good habits when cutting food.

Best Plastic Kitchen Knives List

There are a few manufacturers that make these type of knives, they vary in shape and size. We have listed some of the Best Plastic Kitchen Knives below. Find one that best suits your needs.

ZYLISS Lettuce Knife (Best Overall)

ZYLISS plastic knife is one of the best plastic knife on the market. The serrated edge makes it easy to cut and helps keep it sharp. The length of the blade is around 6 inch long so its easy to use. The plus side is that the serrated edge wont bruise vegetables like lettuce.

Tovla Jr. Knives for Kids 3-Piece Nylon Kitchen (Best Buy)

If you need knives of various size, then a set from Tovla might be better for you. They are great if you have children of various sizes. Plus, you can use the smaller knife to cut smaller fruits. It will act as a plastic paring knife.


While Plastic Kitchen Knives are not as versatile as metal kitchen knives. They are great for teaching kids how to use a knife and great for softer vegetables. You can even use it on sandwich thanks to the serrated edge. These knives are generally affordable so replacing them should not be an issue. I would also recommend it if you plan on traveling or just storing one in your car. You never know when you might need it.

Looking for a real knife? Check out our article on the Sharpest Kitchen Knife.

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