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Best Sandwich Knife Spreader and Deli Knife

Sandwiches are amazing. You can eat it for breakfast lunch or dinner. They are the ultimate food on the go. Making sandwiches are also a cinch. However, one of the worst thing about making sandwiches is spreading and cutting. You either get too little sauce or you cant spread it evenly. This is due to how thin moves knives are. A dedicated sandwich knife spreader fix this, its extra wide blade and serrated edge for cutting. Deli knifes are similar with its serrated edge with the added benefit of a offset handle. The Best Sandwich Knife Spreader and Deli Knife should let you scoop enough sauce and cut through hard bread.

What is a Sandwich Knife?

A Sandwich Knife is a knife designed to cut sandwich. There are two types of sandwich knife, a spreader and a deli knife.

In a spreader knife, the blade is widen to carry more sauce/filling such as pate, peanut butter, jelly, mayonnaise and more. On the other end of the knife, the blade will be serrated. This serrated edge helps pierce the surface of tough food such as bread or salami. You can use it to both cut the sandwich and deli meats.

A Deli Knife has a wave like design that acts as a serrated edge. They are excellent at cutting vegetables like Lettuce without damaging. The handle is also offset so that when you cut it, you wont knock your hand on the table.


Most of the sandwich knife spreader uses poor grade of steel. Most are stamped and mass produced. However, for the task that it does, its more than suitable. It is unlikely that it will damage or snap.

For tougher and bigger bread, a harder steel might be better. German knives are usually hand forged for durability and performance. The blade also extends to the end of the knife for that extra security.

Most if not all sandwich knives are uses stainless steel to resist rust. Although you might find some that is made with carbon steel. Those hold an edge better but easily rust.

Best Sandwich Knife Spreader and Deli Knife List

Below, you will find a list of some of the Best Sandwich Knife Spreader and Deli Knife on the market. There are a few options on the market. Choose one that best suit your need.

Wusthof Classic 5.5-inch Sandwich Knife (Best Sandwich Spreader)

Wusthof is one of the largest German Knife manufacturer. Their classic line of life won multiple awards and uses a forged steel for durability. This spreader knife has soft serrated edge so that it wont tear the bread when spreading. Its also nicely balanced so that it feels solid in your hand. The downside is that its pretty expensive.

ZYLISS Sandwich Knife and Condiment Spreader (Best Buy)

For a more affordable option, Zyliss makes a good alternative. They are a fraction of the price and spread just as well. However, the overall build quality is not as great. It feels flimsy in your hand. The rubberized grip makes it ergonomic so theres that. Given the price point, its understandable and quite a bargain.

Wusthof Classic Ikon 8″ Offset Deli Knife (Best Deli Knife)

Artisan bread makes some of the best sandwich bread. However, they are hard and the crust is difficult to cut. Using a heavy dutch deli knife makes quick work of it. The handle is offset so that when you cut down, you wont bang your knuckle on the cutting board.

Victorinox Fibrox Pro Black Chef’s – Serrated 9″ Offset Blade 1½” (Best Buy)

Victorinox is most famous for their swiss army knife. However, most people dont know they make kitchen knives. While it might not be hand forged, the blade hold its edge and is very affordable. They are perfect for both at home and even commercial use. If the blade wears down, you can replace it without breaking the bank.


Getting a dedicated sandwich knife is necessary if you eat a lot of sandwiches. They help spread and help cut. The best of the best are made by wusthof. However, they are expensive and scare off most people. Luckily, brands by Victorinox and Zyliss makes excellent performing alternative. They are literally a fraction of the price, they just feel cheap.

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