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Denby Dinnerware Sets Review

Denby Dinnerware Set is a great way to transform your boring tableware to a whole other level. These dinnerware are made in england and comes in a wide variety of decoration and color. Just by carrying it, you can feel the heft and quality of these plates. However, they are also quite expensive and not without flaws. While the finish is beautiful, a simple nick or cut will marr its finish. This review will take a closer look at the design and feature of Denby Dinnerware Sets.

Emile Henry Dutch Oven Review Quick Summary

Emile Henry Dutch Oven
ColorsWide Variety of Color, Linen is Recommended
CompatibilityMicrowave Safe, Oven Safe, Dishwasher Safe, Freezer Safe
Brand AwarenessWorld Famous
SizesVarious Sizes and plates available
Country of ManufacturerEngland
ThoughtsDenby is one of the most beautiful set of dinnerware you can buy. While the more striking color are attractive, they can distract from the food. I recommend you get the more neutral linen color. Other issue is how easy it can get get marred. To avoid it, I recommend a felt of some kind to stack it.
Reviewed CookwareDenby USA Heritage 4 Piece Orchard Place setting Dinnerware Set, Multicolor

History of Denby

Denby was founded in 1809 by William Bourne. Although he founded the company, he handed the operation to his son, Joseph. Under his leadership, the company gain international recognition. The stoneware products that were produce was a great alternative to the expensive glassware at the time. They were used to store commodities such as pickles, water, ink and even ginger beer. Josephn Pioneered and patent many method of glazed kilns.

As the price of glass went down, Denby shift their focus on Kitchenware. They created many different color such as Cottage Blue and Epic Green. Some of hte most collected item to this day were animals created in Stoneware. This shift has cemented Denby as one of the world best manufacturer of Dinnerware.

While the ownership of the company is no longer owned by the original founder, they are still dedicated to producing quality good.

Denby Dinnerware Sets Design

The colors and decoration that denby uses are simply stunning and unrivaled. One of the most popular color is the Imperial Blue. The deep blue hue is striking and captures the eyes of anyone. Another popular design are the studio grey which has a marbling effect. However, what most people dont realize is that a bright beautiful dinnerware can be distracting.

While these beautiful design are great for display purpose, often time a simple solid color would be better. If you are entertaining the focus of the dinner should be the food. Try to to pick a more neutral color like that of Linen. They give a nice backdrop to the food and would distract from the presentation. I would use the more extravagant color more for a table set. When it comes to actually eating, I would simply remove it.

Stoneware Construction

Denby Dinnerware Set is mostly made of Stoneware. Stoneware has a nice beautiful glaze to it that gives it a brilliant sheen. It has a heft that make them feel likes its made of high quality material. They are more durable than earth ware but I would still avoid exposing it to extreme temperature. While they are listed and freezer safe, I would do that only sparingly. They should also be only hand washed, if you intend to keep it for a long time.

Issues with Stoneware

Some of the issues with Stoneware is what makes it so beautiful. That glaze be scratched and cut, ruining the beautiful design. This usually happens when you stack them on top of each other. To store them, you might want to consider putting a felt in between each plate. Some of my pieces are already scratched considerably because of this. Luckily, food will rest on top of it so most wont see it.

If you leave the dinnerware to air dry, they can develop water spots. These are minerals from harsh water. You can remove them by rubbing it with some vinegar. Or you can prevent it from forming by drying it with a towel.

As with any clay based product, you should always take care when handling it. They are all prone to chipping and cracking. One accidental slip can ruin your whole set.

Denby Dinnerware Set 4 Piece Place setting

The 4 Piece is just what you need to entertain one guess. You get a dinner plate, salad plate, soup bowl and a mug. This is perfect for a three course meal. If you want additional bowls or shape, they come in a wide variety of design. Some of which is a tea pot or even a serving tray. However, what you really need is the 4 piece set.

How Many to Get?

The amount of plates you should buy depends on your household. If you have enough space to entertain more guest, then buy more. Industry leader recommend that you buy a 12 of the dinnerware set just to be sure you can entertain at least 10 people. The extra are good for backup.

If you are entertaining mostly your family, around 4-6 sets might be suitable enough for you. But really, this depends on the size of your family.

Denby Dinnerware Sets Thoughts

Overall, Denby Dinnerware Set is a high quality dinnerware set. The biggest issue is how easy it is to marred. If you stack it on top of each other, it can scratch and ruin the beauty. However, if you can look past that and take care of it. Your guest will be amazed at how beautiful it is.

I hope you like this Denby Dinnerware Set, If you would like to see more, please visit our Pots and Pans Review page.

2 Comments on “Denby Dinnerware Sets Review

August 19, 2021 at 8:36 am

Hello, I have used Denby pots for many years. If you use powder in your dishwasher it can over time make it easier to mark the white of the pot so I moved over to liquid with all my newer pots and that helps. Also I use barkeepers friend on the white part with gets the knife marks out.

Curated Cook
August 19, 2021 at 11:09 pm

Hi Maria,

Thanks for the tips, it should help out our readers!

~Curated Cook


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