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Cheapest Food at Grocery Store

What are the Cheapest Food at Grocery Store? While it might surprise most people, grocery shopping is not that expensive. As long as you stick with fresh fruits and vegetables, it wont break the bank. While it is a little more difficult to cook than premade processed food. The amount of money you save and the health benefit is immense. Please note that I live in Los Angeles. As such, expect the price to be for this area. I also look for the cheapest supermarket in my Area. Other than that, if you are really low on funds. I recommend that you take a look at the grain isle.

Cheapest Food at Grocery Store is Usually Grains

Grains are the best way to go to save money. In the asian supermarket, you can buy 50lbs bag of rice for only 30 dollars. One cup can fill up you up and its a lot healthier than instant noodles. You can also buy beans or oats. Whatever that can be re hydrated with water.

Another affordable things are dried noodles. I often see barilla for sale for one dollar a box. If you want to make your own pasta, a quick can of tomato and ground beef will save you tons of money. 3-4 dollar will feed you for 3 days easily. You can also freeze it without losing much of its quality.

Fresh Fruits and Vegetable

Buying food in season is not only tastier but cheaper as well. Food in season grows rapidly. Farmers need to get rid of their stock or else it will go bad. Not only that, since its in season, fruits and vegetable grow in a natural setting. They can develop more of its natural flavor. Food that are out of season are grown in green house. This takes extra effort from the farmer and they charge you for it.

Cheapest Meats

In terms of meat, I find chicken to be the most affordable. When its on sale, I can find chicken legs and thigh for 69 cents per lb. All you need to do is buy in bulk and freeze what you do not need. If you can, I recommend you buy a chest freezer.

Another meat that I see go on sale often is pork. Slices of pork sirloin is usually only 1.29 /lb on sale. If yours do not offer this price, try to look for a whole leg. Often time supermarket will offer discount if you buy in volume.

Canned Food

I highly recommend that you stay away from canned food. They tend to be very expensive and they go for 1-2 dollar per lb. If you think about the vegetables, you can get those for 2 lb for a dollar. You are literally get twice if not three times the food by buying fresh. While there are some things that are worth buying like canned tomatoes. The majority of canned food are not worth it.

Processed Food

These are a huge drain on the wallet as well. If you look at the price of processed meat like salami and ham, they can range for 5-10 dollar. That will break your bank if you buy a lb of those. For that price, why not just buy a strip of steak? If you must buy processed meat, try to buy in bulk. Places like Smart and Final will sell whole turkey breast for around 2 dollar per lb. The only thing you would need is a meat slicer.

Cheapest Sliced Bread

The cheapest bread that you can find are those sliced white bread. They tend to sell for a dollar. I know that the 99 cent store carry these so you can stop by if you need to. Luckily stores like vons or walmart usually have their own version of 99 cent bread. While they don’t taste the best, they are a good alternative.

Cheapest Instant Noodles

While I still think that rice and grains are a better choice. You cannot defeat the price of those maruchan noodles. You can often find them for 5 pack for a dollar. The better tasting one are more expensive but I guess that choice is up to you. If you can, crack a egg in there to add some protein. You can also add lettuce to stretch the soup. It will fill you up.


The cheapest drink that you can get is water. Often time supermarket will have water dispenser that cost 30 cent per gallon. I get it, water is boring. If you have a soda machine, you can make it bubbly and it will taste a lot better. If you want you can add some lemon and sugar and make your own sprite. Soda, alcohol and fruit drinks are expensive. I recommend you avoid that trap. Plus, you will get a boost in your health as well.

Coffee and Tea

If you can, I recommend buying whole beans. They tend to be cheaper and fresher. You can grind them as necessary. If you cant find this, then any coffee would be better than starbucks. Starbucks are expensive! That 5 dollar can be your lunch and dinner. Dont waste money on starbucks. As for tea, you can buy the off brand instant tea or you can buy loose tea. I know that there are some restaurant warehouse that will sell giant bags of loose leaf tea. I buy a 5 lb bag for ten dollar.

Cheapest Food at Grocery Store Thoughts

I get that we all go through some tough time. I hope this guide helps you. The number one thing to do is to shop wisely. By doing so, you can save a lot of money by cooking at home and not eating out. If you have some question about budgeting, please comment below. I am more than happy to answer any questions you might have.

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