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Bin Bin Rice Cracker Review

Bin Bin Rice Cracker are the asian equivalent of potato chips. It has a sweet and savory exterior with a crisp and crunchy interior. Unlike the healthy rice chip that is often marketed in America. Bin Bin Rice cracker is designed to be eaten like a snack. Often time children and adults alike will pack it with lunch of just eat it by itself. Each packet comes with two individually wrap packet that is contained in a larger packet. While it is a bit of a waste of plastic, this type of design keeps these crack fresh for longer. This also helps you limit your overall consumption. If its all open, you will probably eat it all. This review will take a closer look at the history and flavor profile of the bin bin rice cracker.

Bin Bin Rice Cracker Quick Summary


Bin Bin Rice Cracker
TasteSalty and Sweet Soy Flavor with a Crisp Rice Cracker Texture
UsesEaten as snacks, great for lunch boxes or general munching.
Health and NutritionNot really healthy if consumed in large amount but the small packets limits your overall intake. It is unlikely to cause any significant health effect if eaten in moderation. It is also Halal Certified.
Shelf LifeNo specified shelf life, generally last a while.
ThoughtsGreat snacks that pairs well with lunch. The small individual packets means that it wont go stale as fast. Overall, a favorite among children and adult with the Asian Community.
Recommended Best Roasted Seaweed SnackBin Bin Rice Cracker 3.73 oz

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Bin Bin Rice Cracker History and Origin

The Rice Cracker is manufactured in Thailand by the Company Namchow (Thailand) LTD. It was founded in 1991 as a off shore investment by the Company Namchow Group. Which more than likely mean that they are subsidiary of that group. Nevertheless, Namchow Thailand manufacturer a wide range of snacks from rice to noodles. They even manufacturer private label products so that you can put your own label on it.

Taste and Flavor

The flavor is quite unique. What really sets it apart from other snacks is its texture. On the surface, there is a fine powdery texture to it. It is sweet and salt at the same time. There is currently no equivalent flavor for which I can compare it to. If anything I would say it taste slightly like a sweet soy sauce. But the center is just a plan rice crack. Crispy at first but as soon as you eat it, the moisture from your mouth turns it soft. Giving it a satisfying chew.

Bin Bin Rice Cracker Health and Nutrition

As with any snacks, dont expect it to be the most healthy. While at first glance it does not seem that bad, the thing is it doesnt keep you full. Kind of like how potato chips are. For a 4 small pack serving of 35 g, you can expect to get 170 calories. There is no vitamin to be gained from consuming this as well. Total fat is at 6g, sodium at 125mg and carb at 26g. Interesting enough, there are 2 grams of protein.

Calories 170
Total Fat: 6g Saturated Fat (3g) Trans Fat 0g
Cholesterol: 0
Total Carbohydrate: 26g Fiber 0g Total Sugar 3g
Protein 2g

Like most asian prepackaged food, this is halal certified. Which means that those who need to follow Islamic dietary restriction, this is safe to eat.

Ingredient List

The ingredient list is as follow: Rice, Rice Bran Oil, Sugar, Modified Tapioca Starch, Soy Sauce Powder, Flavor Enhancer: Monosodium Glutamate, Disodium, Guanylate, Disodium Inosinate.

It also contain soy and wheat for those who might be allergic to it.

Where to Buy

You can typically find it in any asian supermarket. They are usually considerably cheaper than the online alternative. However, if you do not have an asian supermarket near you. Online retailer like amazon carries it. Costco might carry bin bin rice crackers but those are usually reserved for those with a heavy asian population.


Overall, these are a great tasty snack. I usually like bringing it with my lunch. They are great for kids as well. Just drop 2 or 3 pack into their lunch box and they can eat it rhough the day. While its not “Healthy” per se, compared to potato chips, they fall well within that range. The packets are also food for consumption control. Usually when you open a bag, the first thing you think to do is finish the whole thing. Overall, I highly recommend trying it if you never eaten it before.

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I hope you find my Article on Bin Bin Rice Cracker to be helpful, please visit the Food Review page for more!

2 Comments on “Bin Bin Rice Cracker Review

September 2, 2022 at 11:06 am

Your nutrition values for fat are wrong.
6g total fat, of which 1.5g saturated, and 0g unsaturated??
The numbers should add up.

Curated Cook
September 3, 2022 at 9:48 pm

I’m just giving the value on the packet. It has since been updated to 3g of saturated fat. If you want, you can try contacting the manufacturer for clarification.


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