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Hello Panda Cookies Review

Hello Panda Cookies is a Japanese chocolate filled snack. The exterior is a cookie crust with a variety of filling. The most popular flavor is the classic chocolate. However, things like strawberry and vanilla is eaten a lot as well. While the cookie crust is not shaped like a panda, it does have various prints of a cute panda on it. As such, this is a favorite among children among Asia. In America, it has a cult following due to the recent interest in Japanese Culture.

Hello Panda Cookies Review Quick Summary


Hello Panda Cookies
TasteThe center will vary depending on flavor. But the chocolate and strawberry. A bit of an artificial flavor though. The exterior will leave a dusty film on your finger.
UsesOn the go snack for lunch. Great for children and adult a like.
Health and NutritionIf you control the portion size, health isnt that bad. It is quite high in fat though.
Shelf LifeUsually one year after production.
ThoughtsA snack that is popular throughout asia. If you havent tried it before, I recommend trying it. Its one of my childhood favorite.
Reviewed SnackMeiji Hello Panda Cookies, Chocolate Crème Filled – 2.1 Oz, Pack Of 10 – Bite Sized Cookies with Fun Panda Sports

Who is Meiji

Meiji Chocolate was founded in 1918. While they are most famous for their milk chocolate. The company originally product caramel, biscuits and other products. It wast until 1926 did they start producing the chocolate line. In the 1940’s they start a separate pharmaceutical business. While its relatively unknown in the states. They see moderate success in Japan.

In the states, Meiji are known for a few key products. One of which is the chocolate mushroom. The stem is a cookie and the top mushroom consists of chocolate. Another popular is the Yan Yan cookie stick. The top has a filling where you dip the cookie stick into the chocolate.

Taste and Texture

Interesting enough, the Hello Panda taste very much like most of their other products. At its core, its just cookie and chocolate/filling. The main difference is that its packaged into a convience panda shape. In a box, you get individually wrapped packets. You can store it in your lunch box and eat it as a treat as you go.

In terms of texture, the cookie is very powdery. After you eat it, you need to dust off your finger. The chocolate has a slight artificial flavor to it. While I personally do not like the flavor, a lot of people like it. (I prefer Dark Chocolate) The strawberry version has a very tangy flavor to it. Great for those who enjoy strawberry flavor cookie.

Hello Panda Cookies Health and Nutrition

As with any candy, its not particularly healthy. However, the good thing about these packet is portion control Since you eat so little, it is unlikely that it will affect your health. Now on the other hand, if you eat too much, it can be bad for you. Having said that, the calorie and saturated fat is quite high. Total fat for a 15 g serving is 4.5 g. That means almost 33% of it is just fat. 2.5 g of that is Saturated fat. Below, you will find a whole list of the nutritional fact.

Nutrition FactsValue
Serving Size4 Cookies (15g) Serving Per Container 4
Total Fat4.5g 7%
Saturated Fat2.5g 11%
Trans Fat0g
Sodium55 mg 0%
Total Carbohydrate9 g 3%
Dietary Fiber<1g 3%
Total Sugar4g
Other Carbs0g
Vitamin D0
CalciumLess Than 2%

Ingredient List

Ingredient list is pretty natural, nothing too artificial. It is as follows: Wheat Flour, Sugar, Vegetable Shortening (Partially Hydrogenated Palm and Soya Bean Oil), Cocoa Mass, Whole Milk Powder, Malt Extract, Seasoning (Natural), Emulsifier (Soya-Lecithin), Leavening (Ammonium Bicarbonate and Sodium Bicarbonate), Enzyme (Papain), Salt, Artificial Vanilla Flavoring.

Where to Buy Hello Panda Cookies

You can buy Hello Panda at any Major Asian Supermarket. Some online retailer will carry them but they generally cost quite a bit more. Walmart might carry it if it is near an area with a large Asian population.

Hello Panda Cookies vs Koala March

Koala March looks the same as Hello Panda, just with a koala. Hello Panda was released in 1979. A few year later, Kaoala March was released in 1984. To me, they pretty much taste the same. To be fair, I think Koala March Matcha is pretty disgusting. But thats just me. I recommend you stick with strawberry or chocolate.


Hello Panda Cookies are a great on the go snacks. While its eaten primarily by children in Asia. Adults enjoy it for its nostalgic value. In America, a lot of people who are influenced by Asian Culture purchase them as well. If you never eaten this before, I recommend that you give it a try.

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