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Parrot Butter Coconut Biscuits Review

Parrot Butter Coconut Biscuits is a cookie that is characterized with its sweet and coconut flavor. It is one of the most popular snacks among the Asian community. And it pairs perfectly with tea and cocounut. However, the popularity of this snack never grew in America. This article will go over the nutritional fact, taste, and variations of this biscuit.

Who is Parrot

From what I can see, Parrot is a brand of the company Sun Hing. They manufacturer and exports a wide variety of asian products. Some of their most popular things are condensed milk, coconut drinks, and the aforementioned bisucits. They started their company in 1981 in San Francisco. Since then, they have expanded their distribution center across USA and Canada. To get a full history about their company, you can check out their Website.

Parrot Butter Coconut Biscuits Taste

Parrot Butter Coconut Biscuits is perfect for anyone who loves coconut. The flavor is not overpowering but mild with a sweet glaze. The texture is crunch with a satisfying snap. Looking at the center, you can see a lot of air bubbles. This makes it light and crisp. If you want a softer cookie, you can always dip it in tea to soften it up a bit.
Taking a closer look at the biscuit, it looks like only the top is glazed. The bottom is left bare and when you put it next to your tongue, it taste of nothing. However, once you bite into it, the coconut flavor burst into your mouth.

Parrot Butter Coconut Biscuits Nutrition and Ingredients


As with any cookies, its not really healthy. What is most striking is the amount of saturated fat in it. For a serving size of 5 biscuits, you get 3.5 g or 18% of your daily recommended value. Interesting enough, per serving size, you only get 21g of total carbohydrate. And surprisingly, it contains 2 grams of protein per serving, this is probably due to the milk content. Since this is an Indonesian product, this snack is Halal certified. This is most likely due to the strong Muslim community there.


The ingredients are very basic, nothing too artificial. It is as follows.

Wheat Flour, Sugar, Vegetable Oil(Palm), Desiccated Coconut, Butter, Salt, Baking Powder, Artificial Flavor.


There are various different manufacturer of the Butter Coconut Biscuits. I doubt that Sun Hing is the original manufacturer of the bisucits. Some of the more popular version in Asian are Khong Guan Biscuits, Kraft and even Lotte. More than likely, there is a central manufacturer of this biscuits and these different company just slap their brand on it. I recommend that you just get the cheapest one available. The Parrot brand one is the version that is most readily available in North America.

Aside from the coconut flavor, there are different version like Coffee or Cinnamon. If you never eaten it before, I recommend you stick with the original first.

Where to buy Parrot Butter Coconut Biscuits

Parrot Butter Coconut Biscuits is available at any Asian Supermarket. They run for around 1.40 per pack. However, if you do not have an asian grocer near you. You can find it online at amazon. Although they do charge a bit more than your local store. You can read the Amazon Review, they talk about their price gouging…haha.


I grew up eating this biscuit. I love it as a kid and I love it as an adult. You probably shouldn’t be eating it too often but if you have never tried it, give it a go. The light, crispy, buttery texture will make you fall in love with it.

I hope you find my Review on Parrot Butter Coconut Biscuits to be helpful, please visit the Article page for more!

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