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Prestat Chocolate Review A British Classic

No other chocolate is as British as Prestat Chocolate. It has a flamboyant packaging pink and gold stripe throughout it. Not only that, it was endorsed by the queen herself. They carry a wide variety of funky flavors like Pink Everest or Tea Time Frolics. Although it is widely unknown in the states, it is very well regarded in Britain.

History of Prestat Chocolate

Prestat Chocolate is one of Britain oldest chocolate shop. Prestat was Founded in 1902 by the Antoine Duour, a French chocolatire. Oddly enough, he chose to name his chocolate shop after his wife first cousin. Regardless, his shop was popular among the local and he opened multiple shop through London. He eventually passed on the business to his Son Tony Dufour. Due to difficulties that occurred during the war, he had to sold his shop. Through the years, the owners of the shop keep on changing hand but what has never changed was their commitment to quality. In 1975, the queen officially endorse the chocolate as her go to choice. In 2003, the economist nominated as one of the world top three chocolate shop.

Prestat chocolate is also a frequently shopped by celebrity. The most notably Roald Dahl, the author of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Prestat Chocolate Flavors

While there are many different flavor, my favorite is a classic dark chocolate. The one that I have is the 71% cacao content. It has rich floral scent that taste like raspberry. Interesting enough, I do not see any raspberry content in its ingredients.

At room temperature, there is a slight snap. Although to get the maximum crunch, I recommend sticking it in the refrigerator. The packaging recommend that you store it at temperature of 59 degree Fahrenheit to 65 degree. Much colder than you average room temperature.

The Aroma is quite interesting as well. Most other chocolate smell like chocolate, this on the other hand has a distinct tea smell. While I dont personally find it pleasant, I am sure that other do.

Ingredient List and NutritionThoughts

Overall, Prestat Chocolate are fantastic. They are certainly better than your standard american chocolate. If you want to try a artisinal chocolate bar, they are definitely worth a try. There are many different flavor available, but I recommend that you stick with the traditional Dark Chocolate.

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