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Best Turbo Grill Review

Turbo Grill is a great way to get grilling outdoor. They have many different models with various configuration. What is most amazing about their grill is the shear power that the 5 model have. It outputs a total of 85,000 btu. That is more then 10x the power of your home stove. This is sure to let you sear any steak or a burger to a golden delicious crust. Their grill also have quite a few other feature. This review will take a closer look at the design and features. We will discuss which is the Best Turbo Grill.

Best Turbo Grill List

Below you will find a list of some of the Best Turbo Grill by Barbeque Galore.

Barbeques Galore Turbo Elite 32-inch 4-Burner (Best Overall)

This model features a whopping 85,000 btu of power. This means its one of the most powerful grill out there. The exterior has led to let you easily adjust the light. Its body is made of stainless steel so it wont rust as readily as other grills out there. If you have the money and plan on serving a large party, this is the model to get.

Turbo 3-Burner Built-In Gas Grill (Best Value)

If you have a smaller family, then this model should get you by. It has a integrated thermometer to let you gauge the heat. The body is also made of stainless steel so its resistant to elemental damage. This model has a total of 36,000 btu of power, weaker than the elite but still plenty for a steak. What it does lack is the led knob, but its not really crucial.

Features of a Turbo Grill

The features are very similar across their different models. They might have additional burner or a bigger cooking surface area. But in general, they perform quite similarily.

Burners and Power

The number of burner is typically related to the power output. The turbo elite model 5 burner model has a total of 85,000 btu while the turbo 3 burner only has 36,000 btu. For those of you who dont know, btu stand for british thermal unit. It is a measurement of power. You can find a btu is a lot of electrical appliance. In this situation, it denotes how much heat the grill can output. In a home stove, a typical single burner will output around 7,000 btu of power.

These knobs will adjust the heat output relative to its location. These are great if you plan on having different cooking zone. One side can be for searing and the other can be for baking.

Interesting enough, the knobs on some model have a led that light up. These are great for when you are grilling in the dark.


Beneath the grill, there are briquettes to help regulate the heat and prevent flare up. When juices or grease fall down, the briquettes will take the brunt of it preventing the flame from flaring up. It also serve as as a heat distributor. Instead of just having a flame in certain area, it heats up the briquettes. The briquettes will then radiate throughout the grill.

Stainless Steel Body and Grill Grates

The grates and body are made of stainless steel. These are better than the standard grill. They are more resistant to rust and environmental damage. However, it is still recommended that you cover it when its not in use. While it is more resistant, this does not mean it is impervious.

The stainless steel grill can be a little sticky. You can get around that by seasoning. Before cooking, get it nice and clean. After that, get a paper towel and tongs. Dip the towel in oil and run it back and forth. This will develop a semi slick seasoning on it. This will help when you cook fish or other delicate food.

Rotisserie Kit

The Rotisserie Kit is the best thing about these grill. Ever wonder how the supermarket get those crispy tender chicken? Thats because they use a rotisserie grill. What it does is that it slowly rotate the chicken so that it can get brown from top to bottom. No more soggy skin. Some of their grill has it integrated in the center. The bigger models will allow you to roast multiple chicken at once.

Cooking Surface

Depending on the model you get, the cooking surface will vary. If you have a smaller family. The three burner model should be fine. However, if you plan on entertaining a party, then the 5 burner model might be better. The 5 burner elite has a cooking surface area of 740 square inch. While the three burner model has a total cooking surface area of 610 square inch.

Turbo Grill Thoughts

Turbo Grill is a great way to make backyard bbq. What is most impressive about them is the power. You can cook for a large party with relative ease. The stainless steel body and easy to read led knobs makes it really easy to cook. Best of all, you can buy a rotisserie attachment for chicken and more. Overall, its a pretty great grill.

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