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Lion Premium Grills Review

Lion Premium Grills is for those who are looking for the best. With a powerful 75,000 btu of power, it should be able to sear any steak, chicken or burger. The body is constructed with a 304-16 gauge stainless steel meaning that it is resistant to rust and will stay beautiful for years to come. Ignition is simple and there are many different heat zones. This review will take a closer look at the design and features of Lion Premium Grills.

Lion Premium Grills Reviews Quick Summary

Lion Premium Grills
ColorsStainless Steel
Brand AwarenessAmerica
BTU75,000 btu
Cooking Surface Area830 sq. inches of cooking surface
Heat ZoneTwo Heat Zones with a Optional infrared burner
ThoughtsA great grill with all the features that you can ask for. You can change the grill for a griddle or even use both at the same time. The rotisserie is also a great feature. The only bad thing is the knob can get hot sometimes. I recommend you use a towel or mitt when operating it.
Reviewed CookwareL75623 32″ Natural Gas Grill

Lion Premium Grills Construction

This section will discuss the design and features of Lion Premium Grills. We will go over things like BTU, Construction and overall build quality.

Power and BTU

While 75,000 btu sounds impressive, most people dont know just how strong it is. A standard home stove usually outputs 7,000 btu of power. This grill will output 10x as much as your home stove. Not only that, it has the option to even install a infrared section so that you can sear anything you want. It should help you put a crust on any steak you want. Best of all, there is no tools needed to install it.

If you want a charcoal flavor, there is a tray which can be easily installed. You can heat it up with a simple knob.

There is no integrated smoker box on this model. However, they do come with a separate one that goes on top for a more smoky flavor.

Griddle and Grill

Lion Premium Grills has interchangeable grill plate. This way you can use both a griddle and a grill at the same time. This is perfect if you want to cook steak and bacon plus egg at the same time. You also save a considerable amount of space and money by having a 2 in 1 feature.

The grill and griddle is made of stainless steel. Unless you season it, it will stick. Luckily, you can season it with just a piece of paper towel, tong and oil. Before you cook, use the tong and dip the towel in oil. Run it through the grate a few times, and it should help the seasoning. Overtime, it will turn black and that will help with its overall nonstick.

At the base, there is optional ceramic tamer to help the grill get a nice even heat. These are better for more delicate item like vegetables. However, on the standard one, there is a regular stainless tamer. The burner heating output is protected by its hat like design. This prevents grease and debris from clogging the gas output.


The rotisserie comes as a separate attachment. Rotisserie are great if you want to get a nice even heat throughout your food. These are great for chicken or even pork loin. The fat will slowly drip out and you will get a nice beautiful crust to it.


Throughout the grill, there are lights that help you see in the dark. If the light bulbs burn out, you can easily swap it out for a new one.

Heating Zones

Heating Zones are ok on these models. There is only a warming tray section on top. If it had more section so that you can adjust the heat better, you would have more option. However, it is still better than nothing and it works.

Knobs and Heat

One thing that is a problem is that the knob can get hot. If you are not careful, you can accidentally burn yourself. I recommend you either use a mitt or towel when adjusting it. You can reduce this problem by letting the air circulate out of it with the vent.

Lion Premium Grills Thoughts

Overall, Lion Premium Grills are pretty well made and powerful. They are perfect for the backyard and can fit into a patio. The 75,000 btu is a powerhouse that should sear and cook any steak or burger. I personally love the rotisserie best of all. Who doesn’t love a perfectly crisp chicken. If you are looking for a grill for your backyard give Lion Premium Grills a try.

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