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Air Fryer vs Deep Fryer

Air Fryer vs Deep Fryer is there a difference? Air Fryer are popping up out of nowhere. They are revolutionizing how we cook. They promise to offer deep fried food without the fat. But if you look into it, the way its cooked is actually quite different. Some claim infrared technology, other say it taste the same. In actuality, air fried food is actually oven baked. The main difference is how its baked.

Air Fryer vs Deep Fryer Cooking

The main difference between these two is how its cooked. Deep Fryer use heated oil to cook food. As food fry, moisture evaporate. In its place, oil takes over and makes little crispy bubbles. It adds flavor and texture that you cant get otherwise.

With a Air Fryer, the surface of the food is heated until all the moisture is driven out. The difference between a air fryer and a oven is how the air is circulated. A giant fan helps circulate the hot air all around the food. This method is great for baking food and its actually quicker than a traditional oven.

Because of how air fryer works, you can actually simulate deep fried food. Picking things that has high fat content will provide you similar results. Stuff like pork belly skin can crisp up due to its high fat content.

Calories and Fat

Deep Fried food has a reputation of being calorie dense and greasy. However, that is only true if you deep fry food at the wrong temperature. The oil temperature needs to be hot enough so that food frys instead of soak. The quicker it frys, the less oil it absorb. Because of this, its important to maintain constant frying temperature.

Having said that, air fryer uses much less oil than Deep Fryer. Because of that, the amount of calorie from air fried food is much less. Therefore for those who are calorie conscious its the way to go.

Does Air Fried Food Taste as Good as Deep Fried Food?

In terms of flavor, you can never beat truly deep fried food. The richness, texture and flavor is unrivaled. While Air Fry food is not bad, its nothing like true deep fried food.

When eating air fried food, you should come in with a expectation that its different. Air Fried food has its own distinct flavor and is by no means better or worse. If you come in expecting deep fried flavor, then you will be disappointed each time.

Advantage and Disadvantage of Air Fryer

The main advantage of Air Fryer is convenience. Its cooks faster than a oven and the flavor is better than microwave. To air fry food, all you need to do is to load the basket. Set the temperature/time and fry. With a Deep Fryer, you waste all the oil and its a pain to clean. The disadvantage to air fried food is that its never truly deep fried. Also, it waste a lot of energy.


Air Fryer vs Deep Fryer which is the winner? Neither, they both have their advantages. But for me, I would choose a air fryer just because I dont like cleaning. Its easier to use and quicker as well. But for the true deep fried flavor, you cant beat the original.

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