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Best Air Fryer with Rotisserie Oven

Air Fryer are one of the best new kitchen appliance. They can fry food without adding all the extra fat. However, it still fails at making rotisserie quality food. If you try sticking a whole chicken in it, the bottom will still come out soggy. Luckily, manufacturer have found a way around this, add a rotisserie feature. It is a spinning stick right inside the oven. This browns the meat evenly and giving it a perfectly even crust. But the question which model is good? This article will list some of the Best Air Fryer with Rotisserie.

How does a Air Fryer with Rotisserie Work?

In a normal air fryer, the top side has a heating element. Right below that, there is a fan to help circulate the heat. For the vast majority of food, this gives it a pretty even browning. However, for heating object like whole chicken, they contain a lot more moisture. When you cook it, liquid will drip down. Unless the chicken is rotated, it will become soggy and never crisp up.

To solve this, manufacturer will add a spit in the center. This constantly rotate the chicken so all parts of the chicken get roasted. This is how those perfectly golden chicken are made in the restaurant and supermarket.

What can you cook with a Air Fryer Rotisserie

The most popular choice is of course chicken. Sometimes they can be quite large, so a good alternative will be cornish hen. You might even be able to fit two of them on the same spit. Another popular choice is pork loin. You can season it and roll it up. Tie it up with some butcher twine and you have a beautiful roast going. I personally like the one with the skin. You can deep fry it later for some crackling.

If you like Mexican or Arabic food, you can make some Al Pastor. The traditional method uses a vertical spit, but a horizontal rotisserie will work just fine. The arab was the original inventor of this wonderful tool. They would use it to make Shawarma. A pita bread filled with meats and other topping.

For Beef, you have your choice of roast. Instead of heating up oven. Just stick it in the air fryer and start roasting. All it takes is a few press of a button.

Is it the same as Deep Frying?

No, deep frying submerge the whole food in oil. It produces very different flavor. In a air fryer, it crisp up the skin by drying it out. This give it a fry like texture. But overall taste is very different. Some people are dissapointed by this, but its still good in its own regard. It uses less fat and is generally more healthy.

How do you use a Air Fryer with Rotisserie

The exact steps and instruction will vary by manufacturer. But the main principle for most model is to use the center spit. Grab the meat and place it horizontally along the spit. Make sure that it has even spacing from the heating element. Load it into the machine and select the heat setting. Temperature and time setting will vary depending on the weight and type of food you are cooking. Dont crank up the heat all the way, as that might overcook the exterior without cooking the inside.

If your spit is not rotating, check to see if it works with no food on it. If it turns, then its possible that you overloaded the system. Try reducing the weight and check the manufacturer recommended weight capacity.

Best Air Fryer with Rotisserie List

Below, you will find a list of some of the Best Air Fryer with Rotisserie on the market. There are a lot of model with varying sizes and feature. Choose one that best suit your need.

Instant Vortex Plus Air Fryer Oven 7 in 1 (Best Overall)

Instant pot is the manufacturer of the ever popular electric pressure cooker. They are back with the 7 in 1 air fryer. While the other function works moderately well, the real winner is the rotisserie feature. You have the option of either the basket for frys or just using the spike. It is easy to use and produce some of the juiciest chicken from a electric oven.

Emeril Lagasse Power Better Than Convection Oven (Best Traditional Model)

For a more traditional toaster oven with air fryer, Emeril Lagasse makes a good alternative. Their model will fit a smaller chicken at 4 lb. But if you intend on just roasting, you can stick a 10lb one. The controls are easy to use and features a 1500 watt heating element. Hot enough to roast any bird.

Kalorik 26 QT Digital Maxx Air Fryer Oven (Best Large Air Fryer with Rotisserie)

For those of you with large family, this 26 qt model can cook enough to feed a army. The door opens outward to help with ease of access and space saving. This model is made of a clean stainless steel to ease with cleaning. The 1700 watt heating element can help this oven reach a temperature of 500 degree Fahrenheit. One word of caution though, you can fit large chicken for baking. But for rotisserie, you are limited to around 4 lb, plan accordingly.


These air fryer are one of the best way to roast chicken. A typical air fryer cannot get results like those you will get from a rotisserie. Best of all, most of these oven have many features in one. All you need to do is buy one of these oven and you can save space and money. Having specialized appliances can take up too much room and cause clutter. There are many models on the market with varying sizes, choose one that best suit your need.

Still want a traditional air fryer? Check out our article on the Best Air Fryer for a Family of Four.

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