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Best Egg Ring Mold for Cooking

We all love Egg McMuffin. However, making a perfectly round egg like those in McDonalds can be difficult. Without the right tools, its almost impossible. Thankfully there are a lot of affordable tools online. They help keep the eggs perfectly round and give you that iconic egg white look. However, some models have design flaw that makes the procedure difficult. The Best Egg Ring Mold should be able to keep in tact, while giving you enough room to steam it.

How to use a Egg Ring Mold and make a Egg Patty

To make an Egg Patty, set the ring mold over a hot griddle or pan. Crack eggs into the pan and pour water and cover. Turn the heat down and let it simmer for 30 – 60 seconds and check to see if the egg is done. Once cook, remove from the mold and serve.

Its important to get a mold and pan that is large enough to cover it. Steaming is a critical part in making the egg patty. If not, all you would get is a sunny side up egg.

Material and Handle

There are two options for the Egg Ring Mold, silicone and metal. I personally prefer the metal for the durability and rigidity. They hold its shape well and usually comes with a nonstick coating. They are relatively easy to unmold. However, once the nonstick coating wears down, it gets more difficult.

The Silicone are the easiest to unmold. However, they are not as rigid. When you use it, they flop around a lot.

In terms of heat and melting, most silicone model have a temperature safe rating of around 600 degree Fahrenheit. This is the same as the heat rating of teflon. Neither the metal or silicone model should be overheated.

The worst part about these molds is the little handle. They do help you lift the mold, but they get in the way during steaming. Models with fordable handles are the best. This way you can use the ring mold even with shallow pans.

Best Egg Ring Mold List

Below, you will find a list of some of the Best Egg Ring Mold on the market. They all vary slightly, choose one that best suits you.

Farberware Nonstick Dishwasher Safe Egg Poacher Pan/Skillet (Best Overall)

If you truly plan on eating these eggs on the daily. Getting a dedicated Ring Egg Poacher is a good idea. There are 4 molds per pan and you can gently steam your eggs. Its the best way to get perfect result each time. Since these molds are designed for the pan, there are no issues with fitment.

COTEY Large 3.5″ Nonstick Egg Rings Set of 4 (Best Metal Mold)

For a more compact model, getting a metal ring mold might be best. The handle folds down to keep it compact. This means you can use pans that are more shallow as well. The nonstick coating also makes it easy to unmold and clean. Just be careful, it will get hold. Use a glove to avoid burning yourself. The silicone sleeve helps though.

Emoly Silicone Egg Ring (Best Silicone Model)

Silicone ring mold are easy to clean, compact and easy to unmold. These models have a fordable handle so that you can make eggs in just about any pans. The only bad thing is that its not very rigid. Nevertheless, it does the job. One thing to note, the handle will get hot. Dont rely on the silicone niblet. The surrounding metal handle will still burn you. Use a glove to be safe.


Making perfectly round steamed egg is easy, you just need the right tool. The dedicated egg poacher with a pan is the easiest to use and you will get good results. However, it takes up a lot of space. In that case, a metal or silicone egg mold is a good option. Both work well, but I give the edge to the metal one. The rigidity helps in keep its shape. However, silicone is great for the ease of unmolding.

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